Union Democrat staff


The Sonora Police Department reported the following:


1:11 a.m., disorderly conduct - A child on Fairview Lane was running around and screaming.

9:34 a.m., threats - A man on Greenley Road said his brother threatened to harm him and his vehicle.

11:34 a.m., vehicle theft - A man on Greenley Road said his wife's vehicle was stolen during the night.

4:20 p.m., public intoxication - A man on South Stewart Street wearing a "floppy hat" and a red shirt carried a beer and staggered down the street.

5:32 p.m., vehicle theft - A car on Hospital Road was stolen.

The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


8:23 a.m., Strawberry - A pastor at Herring Creek campground said there was inappropriate touching between a 16- and 14-year old.

8:45 a.m., Jamestown - A man on Willow Street was harassed by a man with whom he no longer wanted a relationship.

9:02 a.m., Columbia - A man with a long beard was carrying Kool-aid and ran into traffic on Columbia College Drive.

10:44 a.m., Groveland - A woman on Main Street said her ex-husband called her at work and said, "I just wanted to hear your voice."

2:07 p.m., Sonora area - A woman at a Mono Way mobile home park said a 60-year-old flashed her.

3:27 p.m., Columbia - A man on Gunsight Road said his neighbor was verbally abusive and blocked his driveway with boulders.

3:32 p.m., Sonora area - Someone on Serene Acres said his kids were responsible for $580 worth of library books and wanted advice on how to get them back from their grandparents.

5:58 p.m., Sonora area -A man on Dusty Trail said his brother was drunk and threw rocks at him.

7:17 p.m., Sonora area - A man on Blue Bell West said he was in the process of evicting his girlfriend and she disconnected the Internet.

8:34 p.m., Columbia - Two men on Sawmill Flat Road used blow torches on flammable material.

9:07 p.m., Sonora area - A woman on Dusty Lane Trail said her brother-in-law was in their front yard yelling and doing "burnouts" on his motorized bicycle.

Felony bookings


12:38 a.m., Standard - Andrew William Emory, 43, of the 1100 block of Northwest Third Street, Miami, Fla., was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats and misdemeanor resisting arrest and disorderly conduct after an arrest at Standard Road and Mono Way.

2:40 p.m., Sonora - Brent Michael Snyder, 45, of the 12000 block of Yankee Hill Road, Columbia, was booked on suspicion of aggravated mayhem after an arrest at the Tuolumne County Superior Court.


Cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:


9:55 p.m., Sonora - Robert Henry Hume Jr., 52, of the 18700 block of Dusty Trail, was booked after an arrest on Washington Street at Highway 108.


The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


12:08 p.m., Angels Camp - Someone on Dogtown Road misdialed 911 and a dispatcher heard them speaking Spanish and "gossiping" about work.

4:24 p.m., San Andreas - A customer and employee at Old Airport Road were in a "disturbance."

8:10 p.m., Mountain Ranch - A man had a rifle and was near livestock on Coachman Way.

8:25 p.m., Angels Camp - A woman on Centennial Lane said her daughter was in a two-hour argument with her husband.


2:45 a.m., Murphys - A woman at a business on Big Trees Road said she saw someone jump off a roof.


Cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:


7:55 p.m., Angels Camp - Coty Ryan Matulovich, 27, of an unknown address in Murphys, was booked after an arrest on Murphys Grade Road.