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The Sonora Police Department reported the following:


7:41 a.m., vandalism - A car's rear tire was slashed on Fairview Lane.

9:45 a.m., drugs - A hypodermic needle was found in the street at Courthouse Square and taken to the hospital to be destroyed.

11:12 a.m., domestic violence - Someone reported an altercation between a husband and wife on Fairview Lane, but officers concluded it was only verbal.

12:45 p.m., public intoxication - A man was sitting in his vehicle yelling obscenities and drinking a 40-ounce beer on the 800 block of Sanguinetti Road. He was not found by police.

1:20 p.m., warrant arrest - A 23-year-old man was arrested on Seco Street on an out-of-county warrant for misdemeanor child cruelty.

2:47 p.m., fraud - Two women tried to pay with counterfeit bills at a business on the first block of Pesce Way. Officers seized the bills and took a report.

5:50 p.m., traffic accident - Parties exchanged information after a non-injury traffic accident at South Washington and Stockton Streets.

The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


9:25 a.m., Soulsbyville area - Someone lost a debit/credit card at a business on the 20600 block of Soulsbyville Road.

9:41 a.m., Groveland - A school staff member said a student was assaulted by a stepfather.

10:23 a.m., Long Barn area - Someone reported a fire hydrant leaking for more than an hour at Long Barn Sugar Pine Road and Long Barn Road. Cal Fire notified the water agency.

10:54 a.m., Sonora area - A woman said her father's girlfriend is threatening her for money on the 19100 block of Barron Ranch Road.

12:48 p.m., Long Barn - A U.S. Forest Service employee reported a large, very heavy purple package tied up and sitting in the middle of a forest service road off Longbarn Road. An hour later, Forest Service law enforcement were unable to locate it at the coordinates given.

1:08 p.m., Columbia - A Horseshoe Bend Road resident said someone in Alabama tried to use someone's identity information.

1:29 p.m., Jamestown - Someone pulled over on the 18300 block of Highway 108 and a "skinny tweaker guy" in cutoff jean shorts jumped into his truck and said "I thought you stopped to give me a ride." The driver said no and asked him to leave and the man got out, swearing and yelling, and allegedly threw a soda can at the driver's head and caused a lump.

1:46 p.m., Twain Harte - A student was cited for marijuana possession after being caught with it at school on the 1880 block of Manzanita Drive.

2:59 p.m., Sonora - A woman reported two men came to her door selling meat on the 20700 block of Lyons Bald Mountain Road.

5:08 p.m., Tuolumne - Two teenage boys were sneaking around, looking into cars that recently parked on the 18300 block of Tuolumne Road.

5:37 p.m., Jamestown - Someone complained they were being harassed by their landlord on the 17000 block of Chicken Ranch Road.

6:03 p.m., Sonora area - A subwoofer, backpack and stereo faceplate were stolen from a vehicle on the 18500 block of Standard Road, a caller said.

6:08 p.m., Sonora area - Harassment was reported on the 16100 block of Big Hill Road.

6:23 p.m., Groveland - An irate man said he was threatened by his teenage son on the 9000 block of Smith Station Road. His wife denied that the son threatened harm, and police gave him a ride to a friend's house for the night.

7:55 p.m., Sonora - A caller said her husband tried to push her down the stairs with a cane on the 12900 block of Chukar Circle.

8:19 p.m., Mi-Wuk Village - A woman said she was trying to move out but her boyfriend is causing a disturbance and stole $65 on the 20900 block of Lama Road Tamalin.

8:20 p.m., Moccasin - An American flag was stolen on the 10500 block of Moccasin Switchback.


7:23 a.m., Sonora - Someone heard an argument between a man and a woman and then saw the woman doubled over in pain on the 20000 block of Cedar Road North.

7:33 a.m., Chinese Camp - A man about 50 with gray hair and beard drove by a 15-year-old girl at a bus stop, honked and then turned around and asked her semi-inappropriate questions, her mother reported, at Main Street and Red Hills Road.

7:57 a.m., Groveland - A woman said someone dumped water on her in bed after an argument about her son on the 9000 block of Smith Station Road.

Felony bookings:


1:59 p.m., Groveland - Joshua Anthony Snively, 31, of the 19400 block of Reid Circle, was booked on suspicion of inflicting willful cruelty to a child leading to possible injury or death after an arrest at Highway 120 and Ferretti Road.

2:47 p.m., Sonora - Joshua Jackson Murray, 33, of the 17900 block of Seco Street, was booked on suspicion of conspiracy, accessory, petty theft with prior convictions, possession of ammunition by a prohibited person and misdemeanor petty theft and concealing or destroying evidence after an arrest on the 100 block of Hospital Road.

4:41 p.m., Sonora - Danny James Norton, 30, a transient, was booked on suspicion of vandalism, violation of probation and misdemeanor drunk in public, urinating or defecating in public and battery on a peace officer after an arrest on the 1200 block of Sanguinetti Road.

4:55 p.m., Twain Harte area - Joseph Stephen Massoni, 52, of the 22600 block of Confidence Road, was booked on suspicion of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant after an arrest at his home.

6:06 p.m., Sonora - Anthony James Martinez, 30, of the first block of Linoberg Street, was booked on suspicion of abusing or endangering the health of a child after an arrest at his home.


The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


8:50 a.m., Angels Camp - A woman was arrested on suspicion of trespassing on Stanislaus Avenue.

12:52 p.m., Murphys - Vandalism was reported at a facility at Emerald Creek Drive and Cottage Circle.

2:29 p.m., Arnold - Theft of medication was reported on Meadowview Road.

4:17 p.m., Glencoe - Yard equipment was reported stolen on Rich Gulch Road.

11:16 p.m., San Andreas - An arrest was made after a physical altercation on Russell Road.


6:37 a.m., Douglas Flat - A report was taken for grand theft on Monge Ranch Road.

Felony bookings:


3:30 p.m., Arnold - Natalie Louise Smith, 38, of the 4900 block of Meko Drive, was booked on suspicion of drug possession and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession after an arrest on Highway 4.

10:16 p.m., Valley Springs - Franklin Hernandez, 24, of the 2700 block of Dale Drive, was booked on suspicion of receiving known stolen property worth $400 or more and misdemeanor unlawful possession of prescription medication and petty theft after an arrest on the 13200 block of Highway 26.


Cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:


8:39 p.m., San Andreas area - Gael Ruth Debeaumont, 40, of Mariposa, was booked after an arrest on Highway 49 west of Highway 12.

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