Union Democrat staff


The Sonora Police Department reported the following:


10:28 a.m., theft - A man on Mono Way said his debit card was stolen.

12:26 p.m., disorderly conduct - An irate male customer was creating a disturbance at a business on Mono Way.

3:03 p.m., parking - A caller said a delivery truck was blocking Sanguinetti Road and the driver refused to move.

3:58, suspicious circumstance - A caller who had placed a rental agreement in a mailbox said it was gone when the landlord went to retrieve it. The caller was concerned because the document contained personal information.

The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


7:22 a.m., Jamestown - A caller on the 10500 block of Jim Brady Road said a vehicle's tires were slashed sometime during the night.

8:19 a.m., Sonora - A caller on the 15500 block of Curtis Circle said a lamppost was broken and several mailboxes were damaged sometime during the night. Two other neighborhood residents called to report the same thing.

8:44 a.m., Crystal Falls - A caller said a chain and lock were cut on the pack gate at Crystal Falls Barn.

8:58 a.m., Willow Springs - A man on the 20600 block of Willow Springs Drive said his mailbox was vandalized and the mail stolen. He said his wife heard a "bang" about 3 or 3:30 a.m., and several other mailboxes in the area were vandalized, as well.

9:12 a.m., Jamestown - A caller on the 18200 block of Main Street said a vehicle's tires were slashed.

9:24 a.m., Jamestown - A caller said a man he had given odd jobs to in the past called and threatened physical violence.

9:32 a.m., Jamestown - A caller said two suspicious men in their 40s parked a white Ford flatbed truck in the drive and jumped the caller's fence.

10:27 a.m., Crystal Falls - A welfare check was requested by the supervisor of a woman on the block of 21600 Crystal Lake Drive. A deputy contacted the woman, who said she was fine and had bad cell-phone service at her house.

10:33 a.m., Crystal Falls - A caller on the 21600 block of American River Drive said a neighbor and the neighbor's boyfriend threatened physical harm after the caller asked them not to sic their dogs on some chickens.

10:42 a.m., Willow Springs - A caller on the 17200 block of Livermore Court said several mailboxes were damaged during the night.

10:56 a.m., Jamestown - A man on the 18000 block of Seventh Avenue called to ask that his landlords be removed from his property. He said the landlords had been working on the property for three months and he is "tired of the inconveniece."

11:17 a.m., Jamestown - A caller on the 10600 block of Seventh Street said a tire on a Dodge Ram pickup was flattened a few weeks ago, and tires on two other vehicles were flattened sometime during the night. The vandals used tacks.

11:27 a.m., Jamestown - A caller on Main Street said a global positioning system was stolen from a vehicle about a month ago.

11:40 a.m., Sonora area - A caller on the 19800 block of Mine Meadow Court said a mailbox was vandalized, as were several neighboring mailboxes.

12:58 p.m., Sonora area - A woman on the 21500 block of Faithe Court said her landlord "kicked her out" and was refusing to let her back into the house to retrieve her belongings.

1:10 p.m., Sonora area - A caller on the 12700 block of Tulip Court said debit card information and seven false charges were made in other states.

2:07 p.m., Tuolumne area - A caller said two wallets were stolen from the glovebox of a vehicle parked on the Clavey River Bridge on Cottonwood Road the day before.

2:14 p.m., Twain Harte - A caller said a house on the 23600 block of Kreitzer Way was burglarized.

3:22 p.m., Sonora area - A caller on the 13800 block of Florence Way said a debit card that was left home while the caller was on vacation was used twice during that time.

3:40 p.m., Mi-Wuk Village - A caller on the 20900 block of Lama Road said a generator was stolen of the back porch, and he knew who had taken it.

4:12 p.m., Sonora area- A caller on the 19800 block of Mine Meadow Court said mailboxes in the neighborhood were vandalized.

4:50 p.m., Jamestown - A woman on the 18200 block of Main Street said her tires sere slashed sometime during the night.

5:06 p.m., Columbia - A woman on the 21700 block of Parrotts Ferry Road said a man chased her around the yard and made threats to kill her. She said the behavior started when he drank a bottle of tequila.

5:12 p.m., Jamestown - A caller on the 18100 block of Main Street said tires were slashed on two vehicles.

5:26 p.m., Soulsbyville - A man on the 17100 block of Monte Grande Drive said his mailbox and others in the neighborhood were damaged sometime during the night.

5:30 p.m., Standard - A woman said her vehicle's door was keyed while it was parked in a lot on Standard Road. She said she suspected it was done by a man she had "called out" for leaving his dog in the car in the heat.

7:46 p.m., Willow Springs - A caller said two men were beating up a woman on the 20500 block of Willow Springs Drive. The caller called back to say there were now five men and the woman arguing, and that the original two men had threatened to beat up the caller and her family.

10:17 p.m., Standard area - A man on the 16100 block of Morris Road said gasoline and two tires were stolen from his property during the night. The man's neighbor described the suspect vehicle was a red Ford explorer.

10:23 p.m., Pinecrest - A caller on the Lakeshore Avenue said people were using fireworks at a nearby cabin.


2:28 a.m., Sonora Meadows - A woman on the 21800 block of Fallview Drive said she heard someone talking and her sliding-glass door rattling.

2:51 a.m., Jamestown - A man being treated for injuries he received in a fight refused to cooperate with deputies.

3:35 a.m., Sonora area - A caller on the 22100 block of Longeway Road said a man in his late teens or early 20s knocked on her door asking for a ride, then headed down the road carrying a backpack. The man was arrested.

Felony bookings


5:29 p.m., Sonora - Tony Dale Johnston, 39, of the 2900 block of Highway 26, Valley Springs, was booked on suspicion of first degree burglary after an arrest in a field off of Parrotts Ferry Road.


The Sheriff's Office reported the following:


9:21 a.m., San Andreas - Someone had pitched a tent on property across from Turner Park on Treat Avenue.

11:37 a.m., Valley Springs - A flags were taken and turf was damaged at a golf course on La Contenta Drive.

1:49 p.m., Valley Springs - Five or six youth with skateboards and firecrackers on the Valley Springs Elementary School campus.

1:52 p.m., Mountain Ranch - Theft was reported on Sequoia Road.

3:03 p.m., West Point - A couple had pulled off the road and were sitting in their vehicle arguing.

4:01 p.m., Valley Springs - Tools were stolen on Garner Place.

9:49 p.m., Copperopolis - A possibly drunk man was yelling from behind a bush on Feather Drive.


12:30 a.m., San Andreas - A person was causing a disturbance in the emergency room at Mark Twain Medical Center.

7:22 a.m., San Andreas - A man sleeping near a business on East St. Charles Street did not respond when questioned by a caller.