Chris Caskey, The Union Democrat

It's going to get more expensive to dump grass, leaves and other green waste in Tuolumne County.

The county Board of Supervisors voted to allow Waste Management to increase the rates for dumping materials at the Cal Sierra Earth Resources Facility. Beginning next year, it will cost $6 per cubic yard to dump brush, grass clippings, leaves, limbs, lumber and other typical organic material at the Standard area facility.

That price will also increase another $1 per yard beginning in 2014, the board decided Tuesday.

Users previously paid $5 per cubic yard. Tuesday's vote also set the minimum charge for dumping at one cubic yard instead of one-half. A standard, full-size pickup truck typically holds between two and three cubic yards.

Now someone who brings a half-yard of green waste or less to the facility will pay $6 instead of $2.50.

That didn't sit well with multiple members of the public who protested the increase Tuesday.

"I just hate to see the (rate charged to the) average person go up 180 percent," said Diesel Desalles, who owns a local landscaping business.

The board can still modify the agreement at a future meeting to allow a half-yard minimum for some or all customers. Supervisor Evan Royce said he wants to see that pursued.

The new rate structure would also include $23 per cubic yard of asphalt, brick, rock and other inert material, $11 per yard of dirt, $30 per cubic yard of treated wood, and between $7 and $35 per stump depending on the size.

The vote came two weeks after the board approved increases to other solid wastedisposal rates in the county to keep up with inflation.