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Sonora native Charles Segerstrom, manager of three energy centers focused on integrated demand side management for PG&E in Northern California, has been lessening his carbon footprint for the past three decades.

On March 30, he was awarded the 2011 Affordable Comfort Inc. Leadership Award at the National Home Performance Conference in San Francisco.

ACI Leadership Award winners provide vision and mentorship within the home performance and weatherization industry. They boast an unparalleled passion for improving the energy efficiency, durability, comfort, health and safety of homes, the award said.

"Charles Segerstrom has spent the past three decades at PG&E

committed to providing training to the home improvement industry in

Northern California," said Duane Larson, director of energy solutions

at PG&E. "He is probably responsible for providing more 'Green Job'

training than anyone else in the nation. With our low-income program

alone, his students have weathered over a million homes for low-income


Segerstrom has 30 years experience with training, program

development, technical consultation and energy center management. He is

also responsible for work force education and training for green jobs,

and is the president of the ACI board of directors, of which he's been

a member for the last nine years.

Brian Selby, owner of Selby Design & Energy in Tuolumne, said

of Segerstrom, "He's somebody that will take the time to answer

questions - very knowledgeable and approachable."

Over the last 10 years, Selby has modeled his business after

several classes he attended at PG&E's Energy Training Center in

Stockton, which Segerstrom helped develop, he said.

Segerstrom went to Stanford University in the mid 1970s, and

graduated with a degree in human biology with an emphasis in energy and

environmental policy.

"It was actually one of those 'aha' moments that I was inspired while in college," Segerstrom said.

Segerstrom said it's a field he feels is extremely meaningful in

furthering the soft energy path and helping others lessen their

footprints as well.

He added that his education inspired him to pursue the path of

renewable energy, and that he is always excited to hear someone launch

a new green business after taking his company's training courses.

"It's a highlight of my career for sure," Segerstrom said. "To be picked for this award is extremely gratifying."

Segerstrom recommends visiting the Energy Upgrade California

program's website at www.energyupgradeca.org to learn more about home

improvement projects and conservation.

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