Union Democrat staff

Calaveras County businesses are requested to e-file business property statements with the assessor's office by May 9.

Last year, Calaveras County Assessor Leslie Davis stopped mailing blank business property statements to all business owners as a cost-saving measure.

The business property statement lists the cost of supplies, equipment and fixtures at each business as of Jan. 1. The information contained in the statement is used to develop the business property assessment.

New businesses that started in 2010 and large businesses that spent more than $100,000 during the course of their existence are required to file the statement.

"The advantage to our new policy is that businesses will not be

penalized if they do not file the statement," Davis said. "But all

businesses are encouraged to file the statement, particularly if there

has been any change, such as new equipment or the business closed," she


Davis noted the law requires a penalty be added if the assessor formally requests the information and it is not provided.

According to Davis, the best way to file the statement is the

e-filing system created by the California Assessors' Association. The

system allows a business owner to file electronically, and it maintains

a copy for future reference. Business owners can complete the form as

they have time and it will save their progress until it is completed

and ready to file. To use the system, business owners need to know

their account number and Business Identification Number. That can be

obtained by contacting the Calaveras County Assessor's Office at

754-6356 or auditorappraiser @co.calaveras.ca.us. The filing website is


Owners who want to file a property statement using a printed form

can log onto the assessor's website at

http://co.calaveras.ca.us/cc/Departments/Assessor.aspx and download the

form. It must be completed, signed and postmarked no later than May 9.

For more information, call the Calaveras County Assessor's Office at 754-6356.