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Sierra Communications Public Relations Inc., of Twain Harte, is seeing double with the creation of its new Twins Media Group, an online community for twins and multiples set to launch this spring.

Sierra Communications President Susan Kohl and her husband, Doug, say their experience raising twins inspired the idea.

The Kohls - who have a set of identical twins as well as a history of

twins in their families and a handful of adult twin friends - say the

online sites will serve twins, their families, expectant mothers of

twins and those who have lost a twin.

"Having twins or multiples is special," Susan Kohl said. "Everyone

wants to know what was going on, and there really wasn't a vehicle for

that when I had my twins."

The Kohls will launch three websites. The first,

www.TwinsPages.com, is the main social networking site where twins can

interact with each other and receive updates on what is going on in

each other's lives.

The second, www.twinstories.com, will feature a book written by

Kohl in 2001, "Twin Stories," as well as a sequel, "Twin Stories Too,"

scheduled to be released this fall. Twins are welcome to submit their

own stories as well, Kohl said.

The third website, www.TheTwinsStore.com, will offer twin-related merchandise available for purchase online.

The websites are being designed by Twain Harte graphic and website designer Luis Torres.

"You have to look at other social networks' websites (such as

Facebook or Myspace) and improve upon that idea as far as design goes,"

Torres said. "You definitely want to make sure it's easy for the client

and user to connect with other people."

Unlike Facebook, these websites will be exclusively for friends and families of twins or multiples, Doug Kohl said.

Cindy Simonson, of Sonora, said that her experience with raising

her 10-year-old identical twins, Rikki and Lexi, was challenging when

they were younger, but has gotten easier with time.

"With my girls, it's like they always have their best friend there," she said.

Simonson said that she could see where a social network geared

toward twins and their families could be a good resource for sharing

tips and/or products catering toward twins, and is one she would be

interested in taking advantage of.

"Twins is a never-ending market," Kohl said. "We feel there is a

great opportunity for this to spread. Our goal is to start locally and

go global."

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