Sean Janssen, The Union Democrat

The Angels Camp City Council will host an educational workshop on redevelopment prior to Tuesday's regular council meeting.

Sonora City Administrator Greg Applegate will speak first on the

effects of redevelopment in Tuolumne County's only incorporated city.

California Redevelopment Agency Deputy Director Tom Hart is also

slated to give a presentation with broader general information on


"We'll give the nuts and bolts of how redevelopment works in

California - what redevelopment agencies throughout California are

doing and the benefits and values to a community," Hart said.

"Redevelopment is about more than projects ... but generating a sense

of place."

Activation of the city's long-dormant redevelopment agency is being

considered to assist in providing more affordable housing and to fund

infrastructure improvements. However, the council voted on March 17 to

have the workshop and take more time to digest the pros and cons of

taking such a step before launching into a redevelopment effort.

The city recently launched its effort to complete the housing

element of its newly adopted general plan for required state

certification. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

The element outlines affordable housing requirements and how the city

will meet them in the coming years.

Also prior to the regular meeting, the council will get an update

on progress at the Lode Hotel. Significant progress toward securing the

safety of the building and planning toward a rehabilitation effort for

the Main Street structure were outlined at the March 17 meeting.

The next deadline for building owner Tim Ashlock to meet in

removing an abatement order from the city is not for two months, but

council members requested a check on the building's status sooner than

that at the March meeting.

The council is also expected to accept a $57,000 grant from the

private Winter Creek Foundation to provide training and equipment to

assist the department's school resource officer.

The grant will allow for the purchase of a vehicle, projector

equipment, DNA safety kits, academic awards for students and establish

a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program for fifth and

sixth graders at Mark Twain Elementary School, pending approval from

the school district.