Kris Kosach has played practical jokes on George Clooney, chatted with Halle Berry and learned about James Cameron's innovations with underwater cameras.

But the 1985 Summerville High School graduate said ultimately, she would like to be a high school history teacher.

For the time being, however, Kosach's career as the entertainment anchor on the San Francisco-based TechTV's show TechLive the result of perseverance and a knack for being in the right place at the right time is exactly what she wants.

The road from Twain Harte to TV stardom has been a steady climb for Kosach. She started small, reading the news on college radio when she was attending California State University, Stanislaus.

"I wanted to be a serious journalist, dodging bullets and stuff," Kosach, 35, said from her San Francisco office. "Then I thought, 'What am I thinking?'"

She started spinning records for the college station. Then a friend suggested she consider a career in radio.

She applied to the now obsolete KDJK and was told to bring in an audition tape.

"I got off the phone and said 'Oh lord, what goes on an audition tape?" Kosach said.

Honing her networking skills early, she called another radio station and got some candid advice. She submitted her tape and resum to KDJK and a week later, she had the job.

A different kind of wave

Work at a string of radio stations across the states followed, until Kosach found herself in St. Louis at a radio station called The Point. It was there that Kosach would make the jump from radio to television.

About six months into her job, a television crew approached her to represent the city of St. Louis.

After that, Kosach who resembles Catherine Zeta-Jones was a natural on the small screen.