An application mishap by the Daily News could cost the periodical its contract to print Calaveras County's legal notices for the next two years.

On Tuesday, the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors will pick a new carrier for the county's legal notices, including board meeting agendas, planning commission public hearing notices and property-tax default lists.

The Daily News, a weekly paper based in Valley Springs with a circulation of 1,298, is asking to be reconsidered, and the Calaveras Enterprise, printed twice a week in San Andreas with a circulation of 5,117, also wants to carry the notices.

The county contracted with the Daily News to print the legal notices for the past two years. The contract expired in December, and the county put the job out for bid again.

The Daily News made $10,782 publishing the legal notices last year.

Because the Daily News did not submit the correct sample notice requested in the application, supervisors will either vote to throw out the Daily News' bid and contract with the Enterprise, or reject both bids and restart the process.

As part of the application, the county supplied each bidder with the same three public notices a notice of public hearing from the planning commission, a supervisors' agenda and a property tax default list.

Bidders were to use those documents to create sample public notices, then return the samples with their applications.

The county used the samples to determine how much it would cost for each bidder to print notices.

However, the Daily News returned a clipping using the wrong board of supervisors agenda.

Calaveras County Chief Administrative Officer Tom Mitchell is recommending that supervisors toss out the Daily News' bid because of the error and contract with the Enterprise.

"The board could choose to reject both bids and start the process over again," Mitchell said. "Or, the board could say we have a responsible bidder, even though it is of a higher cost."

Mitchell said it would be difficult to take new bids, because now each bidder knows its competitor's prices.