Calaveras County Water District might change its name. CCWD board members discussed the possibility at Wednesday morning's board meeting, but did not come to a conclusion.

CCWD General Manager John Stewart asked the board for guidance on his response to the Grand Jury's suggestion of a name change to avoid a common mistaken assumption the agency is part of Calaveras County government.

The district has 60 days to respond to the Grand Jury report, which CCWD received July 1.

Board President Jeff Davidson and the newest board member, Bertha Underhill, spoke in favor of changing the name.

Director Leroy Fonceca said he couldn't justify changing the name. "I've seen people change their name and the problems (they have) are still there. I don't see changing our name. If we (do), I want to the know the cost." He said the district just spent $1,600 on new work shirts with the CCWD logo on them.

Saying he didn't share Fonceca's affection for the current name, Davidson said pointed out the confusion the name causes.

"The key is that Calaveras County Public Works Department, Calaveras County Building Department, Calaveras County Planning Department are all associated with county government and we truly have no connection with county government whatsoever," Davidson said. "I see this as an opportunity to spruce things up a bit. This could be a step in the right direction."

Fonceca again brought up the cost of changing the name. Davidson said he thought it would cost about $20,000.

Fonceca responded, that he thought it would be more than $20,000 and was unhappy with the prospect in light of his year-long effort to get $10,000 for a program to help low-income customers pay for utilities.

After much discussion, the board told Stewart to bring back the issue later in the year and to respond to the Grand Jury report by simply saying the board was considering a name change.

"I wouldn't hold out too much hope in this letter that a name change will happen," director Don Deem said.

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