As she always does on election night, Merita Callaway paced.

She paced in the morning and through the afternoon. After mopping her floors to prepare for visitors, she absentmindedly walked outside to weed her yard, the mop still in hand.

But when absentee ballot totals showed Callaway holding more than 60 percent of the vote in the District 3 Supervisor race, the incumbent relaxed.

I didnt expect such a lead, said Callaway. Returns show she was never threatened by challengers Martin Price or Jim Willis. But were really happy that we have it.

Im very excited. Im really happy and look forward to accomplishing more things with the constituents.

Callaway, a Forest Meadows resident, is entering her ninth year as District 3 supervisor. Shes also chairman of the Board of Supervisors this year.

She finished Tuesdays balloting with 1,639 votes, almost twice as many votes as her opponents together received. Price, an Arnold resident, finished with 476 votes. Hathaway Pines resident Jim Willis took 400 votes.

While the election played out, Callaway held an open house with friends, family and constituents.

About 50 people funneled through Tuesday night, she said.

Callaways pacing long over, she said she was doing wonderful by the time final ballots were counted.

This shows the community thinks some of the decisions we have made and when I saw we, I mean the community were right decisions, she said.

Price, who has lived in Calaveras County for less than a year, is disappointed about the elections outcome.

He said he would have fared better had he lived here longer, and that he might run again in four years.

If thats what they (voters) want, they can keep it that way, he said of the election. All the incumbents in Calaveras County want no change. They want things to stay the way they are.

Willis, a 26-year Calaveras County resident, said he was more discouraged that Price had more votes than he did.