Sheriff's report


11:33 a.m., Jamestown A 24-year-old man was booked on a misdemeanor warrant after an arrest on the 17700 block of Woods Way.

1:18 p.m., Jamestown A caller said a man and a woman on the 13000 block of Park Avenue were fighting.

1:51 p.m., Sonora area A caller said a man with a Mohawk haircut was trying to take road signs down and urinated into a mailbox. Sonora police officers talked to man.

3:09 p.m., Twain Harte A woman on the 22700 block of Twain Harte Drive said neighbors keep backing vehicles into a fence.

3:41 p.m., East Sonora A caller said three girls in a red Isuzu SUV stole a "Caution, Wet Floor" sign from McDonald's on the 13700 block of Mono Way.

4:43 p.m., Groveland A CDF employee said the firehouse on the 11000 block of Merrell Road was broken into and a computer was stolen.

5:47 p.m., Tuolumne A Black Oak Casino security officer said a casino employee was followed into the parking area and was involved in an altercation with the driver of a dark blue Honda.

9:34 p.m., Jamestown A man on the 18000 block of Ninth Avenue said his grandson was watching television and saw a man look into a window. The man checked the area but did not find a prowler.


8:49 a.m., Tuolumne A caller at Black Oak Casino, 19400 block of Tuolumne Road, said someone used her identification to cash a check at the casino in March.

9:19 a.m., Columbia A woman on Parrotts Ferry Road said a homeless man has been leaving notes in the Pioneer Park bathrooms soliciting sex acts.

10:13 a.m., Jamestown A caller from a bank on Main Street said a man and woman were harassing customers.

1:19 p.m., Sonora area A caller driving past the railroad tracks on Campo Seco Road said a man was lying on the tracks and did not move when she passed.

2:12 p.m., Sugar Pine A caller at Sugar Pine RV Park, 23600 block of Highway 108 said his television was stolen and damage was done to a residence he recently vacated.

2:28 p.m., Twain Harte A caller on the 22900 block of Golf Club Drive said a window was broken in the front door of his vacation rental home.

4:53 p.m., Groveland A caller said teenagers were rolling boulders into the street from Tioga High School, 19300 block of Ferretti Road.

9:17 p.m., Groveland A bartender at the Iron Door Saloon, 18700 block of Main Street, said a man left the bar without paying a $32.50 tab.


1:11 a.m., Sonora area A caller on the 14500 block of Oakwood Court said people in an older white station wagon were trying to break into his car. The caller caught them in the act and the people drove away. Nothing was taken.

10:20 a.m., Jamestown A caller at Yosemite Junction said two people were on the roof of an abandoned hotel. The caller thought they were stealing tiles.

11:01 a.m., Standard A caller said her 12-year-old son was assaulted by two other students at Curtis Creek School, 18700 block of Standard Road.

11:49 a.m., Groveland A caller on the 19100 block of Highway 120 said kids were skateboarding in the parking lot and had moved a concrete bench from in front of the office to the parking lot.

1:32 p.m., La Grange A caller at Lake Don Pedro Marina said someone broke a window on his pickup truck and stole items from inside.

1:49 p.m., Crystal Falls A caller on Green Meadow Lane said a neighbor boy was shooting a pellet gun from his deck. The caller was concerned because when the boy had been accused of shooting another neighbor's window, the boy's parents denied he owned a gun.

4:24 p.m., Pinecrest A caller at Dodge Ridge Ski Area, 700 block of Dodge Ridge Road, said a driver was being reckless in the parking lot and tried to hit a manager when he attempted to slow them down.

5:28 p.m., Pinecrest A caller at Dodge Ridge Ski Area, 700 block of Dodge Ridge Road, said his snowboard was stolen.


1:04 a.m., Jamestown A caller on Woods Way said people jumped the fence of a business. The caller was concerned because of recent break-ins.

1:52 a.m., Twain Harte A caller said her boyfriend was assaulted outside of the Eproson House, 22900 block of Twain Harte Drive.

10:47 a.m., Cold Springs A caller said it looked like someone broke into a residence on the 26400 block of Old Mono Road.

10:55 a.m., Pinecrest A security employee at Dodge Ridge Ski Area, 700 block of Dodge Ridge Road, said he detained someone suspected of stealing a snowboard.

11:32 a.m., Long Barn A caller said people were throwing beer bottles out of a moving vehicle on Highway 108.

11:55 a.m., Sonora area A caller on the 20200 block of Gibbs Drive said she thought someone blew up her mailbox overnight.

12:06 p.m., Jamestown A caller on the 17600 block of Greenwood Way said he thought someone blew up his mailbox overnight.

1:45 p.m., Sonora area A caller on the 13300 block of Shale Rock Road said a neighbor threatened his four children.

Sonora police reports


2:10 a.m., animal complaint A cat trapped inside the Sonora police garage was taken to animal control.

3:04 p.m., suspicious circumstance A caller found the gates open at Masonic Cemetery on Golden Lane.

3:06 p.m., public fight A caller said a fight that was supposed to happen Wednesday at Sonora High School was going to happen Thursday.

3:32 p.m., warrant arrest An 18-year-old man was booked on a misdemeanor warrant and his car was towed away after his arrest on South Barretta Street.

3:56 p.m., disorderly conduct A caller said people using a propane tank on South Washington Street at Tuolumne Street were making too much noise at night.


12:14 a.m., public intoxication A 21-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of public drunkenness on South Washington Street at West Church Street.

9:50 a.m., fraudulent activities An ATM card left in a Bank of America Machine on the 100 block of South Washington Street was used by another person.

3:27 p.m., public fight Officers responded to a fight at Sonora High School on the block of 400 North Washington Street.

3:39 p.m., suspicious circumstances A man said someone fired a BB gun at him as he walked down Green Street.

4:08 p.m., stolen checks A woman calling on the 300 block of Calaveras Way said someone stole a check from her daughter-in-law and was writing bad checks all over town.

5:23 p.m., suspicious circumstances A caller on the 100 block of Hospital Road said two parents of a 21-day-old infant arrived at the hospital smelling of alcohol.

7:57 p.m., public peace Four males were reportedly riding bicycles on Snell Street, being rude and yelling obscenities.

10:08 p.m., weapons violation A teenage boy reportedly brandished a knife at another teenager on the 900 block of Sanguinetti Road.


3:24 p.m., sexual offenses A caller said a man was pretending to work on his vehicle in the parking lot of Pak-N-Save, on the 1200 block of Sanguinetti Road, but periodically exposed himself.

10:21 p.m., suspicious circumstances A man on Greenley Road reportedly ran in front of a vehicle wearing nothing but a ski mask and black tennis shoes.


3:01 a.m., traffic violations A teenager was stopped for failing to yield on Barretta Street.


Sheriff's reports


7:31 a.m., Valley Springs A caller on the 7900 block of Cabernet Street said he's tired of his neighbor watching him with binoculars. The caller asked that a deputy "tell her to get a life."

7:32 a.m., Valley Springs A caller on the 7900 block of Cabernet Street said his neighbor was hiding behind his fence. When caught by a deputy, the neighbor told the caller "to get a life" and cursed at him.

9:02 a.m., Arnold A caller on the 2300 block of Meadowview Road said a neighbor has been in a driveway dragging a chain and making noise since 5 a.m.

11:26 a.m., Arnold A caller on the first block of Splash Dam Way reported missing money and personal items after a roommate moved out.

2:32 p.m., Murphys A suspicious person was reported hanging around a business on the 200 block of Tom Bell Road since 10 a.m. The man told a deputy he was waiting for a bus.

3:21 p.m., San Andreas A suspicious box was found with a string tied around it and left at the county library on the 800 block of Mountain Ranch Road. The box contained Christian books and Bibles.

7:58 p.m., Avery A caller on the 4400 block of Moran Road said her ex-boyfriend keeps calling and hanging up on her.

8:41 p.m., Valley Springs A fight was reported on the 2400 block of Blake Lane. A Hispanic male was possibly injured.

9:10 p.m., Valley Springs Juveniles were detained for attempting to steal alcohol from a business on the first block of Highway 26.


12:14 p.m., Arnold A caller on the 2300 block of Polly Court said the door to a house behind the caller's had been open for two days. A deputy confirmed the residence had been burglarized.

2:44 p.m., Valley Springs A caller on the 6800 block of Harding Road said a lock to a house had been cut and items were removed. The owner is deceased and the estate was in probate.

3:17 p.m., Arnold A caller on the 2300 block of Polly Court said someone tried to steal a vehicle from a vacation cabin.

5:12 p.m., Valley Springs A caller on the 7700 block of Nall Street said a bicycle was stolen from under the deck of a house.

10:17 p.m., Mokelumne Hill A caller on the 9000 block of Happy Valley Road said a man dressed in camouflage pointed a rifle at her and head-butted her.


7:05 p.m., Copperopolis A caller on the 1000 block of Oxyoke Lane said a lock was cut off a gate.

10:14 p.m., Wallace A caller reported vandalism on the 6200 block of Highway 12.


4:33 a.m., San Andreas A caller on the 100 block of Miller Court said people were running around and tapping on windows.