Bettike Barsotti, co-owner of the Iron Door Saloon in Groveland, died this morning after she was ejected from her truck off Highway 120.

Also, a Greeley Hill woman died Friday after a head-on collision with a Mariposa County school bus.

About 12:30 a.m. today, Barsotti, 51, of Groveland, was traveling eastbound on Highway 120, west of Cherry Lake Road. She was driving a 1999 Toyota pickup, and the CHP was unable to estimate how fast the car was going.

CHP Officer Tom Wills said it is not known yet why Barsotti's car drifted off the road and onto the south shoulder.

Barsotti turned the steering wheel to the left and the truck began to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction as it crossed both lanes of Highway 120 and went down a dirt embankment on the north end, Wills said.

The truck hit a tree and Barsotti was ejected. She landed in some rocks and was pronounced dead at the scene, having suffered major head trauma, Wills said.

Just hours before the wreck, Barsotti had been at the Iron Door, where actor-musician Ronnie Cox performed to a full house. Barsotti has owned the well-known Groveland business with her husband, Peter, for the past 18 years. They spent 25 years working for concert promoter Bill Graham in San Francisco.

In another fatal vehicle accident, Patricia Todd, 54 of Greeley Hill, was pronounced dead Friday afternoon after her 1991 Subaru wagon crashed head-on into a Mariposa County school bus.

Todd was traveling eastbound on Dexter Road, west of Pine Lake Drive, going about 30 mph. Her car crossed the double yellow lines around a slight curve in the roadway and hit a school bus.

The bus driven by Karen Tholcke, 43, of La Grange was traveling westbound on Dexter Road, going about 25-30 mph. The Mariposa County school bus had 19 students on board from Greenley Hill Elementary School.