Sheriff's reports


8:59 a.m., Sonora Meadows A caller on Sallander Drive said one mailbox was found in her driveway and another was in the road near her house. The mailbox in the caller's driveway had an address on the 16700 block of Woodside Drive.

9:51 a.m., Twain Harte A woman on the 18900 block said someone was trying to tear down her house. She reported hearing "pounding and the sound of a vehicle."

11:21 a.m., Twain Harte A man calling on the 22900 block of Twain Harte Drive said his ex-wife assaulted his wife Wednesday night.

2:02 p.m., Tuolumne County A man at an unidentified location said his vehicles were egged for the 12th time in a year.

9:59 p.m., Quail Hollow A woman on the 12800 block of Chukar Circle said she was choked by a man who passed out soon after.

10:04 p.m., Jamestown A caller on the 20200 block of Preston Lane said four or five women were yelling and "being obnoxious" outside her apartment building. When the caller asked them to stop, they made several lewd comments toward her.

10:19 p.m., Willow Springs A woman on the 20500 block of Kings Court said her dog will not stop barking. The dog only barks when people are around, the woman said, and last time it wouldn't stop barking, her mailbox was disturbed.


5:25 a.m., Sonora area A man on the 20700 block of Saratoga Road said he heard two men talking outside his house. One man said to the other, "Are we going to stand around or are we going to rob this guy?" The caller didn't recognize either voice.

12:51 p.m., Long Barn A caller said a man on the 26500 block of Snow Bowl Road called for an ambulance, saying he was sick, but just used it as a taxi.

2:28 p.m., Jamestown A woman at T-N-T Mini Tractor on the 12600 block of Jacksonville Road said she received a call from a cellular phone company confirming an order of seven phones charged to the business. However, the woman did not authorize the order.

3:01 p.m., East Sonora A caller said someone broke into his or her house on the 19300 block of Rockridge Way between Dec. 19 and 31.

3:27 p.m., Pine Mountain Lake A woman with Pine Mountain Lake security said someone threw rocks at buildings on Rock Canyon Way. A picnic table was also damaged and thrown into a creek.

3:48 p.m., Sierra Village A woman said her husband was punched in the face on Bottini Apple Ranch Road. She and her husband were driving up the road in poor weather when they encountered a cross-country skier and some children sledding. When her husband honked at them for blocking the road, he was punched in the face by the skier, the woman said.

3:52 p.m., Phoenix Lake area A woman said someone stole a purse from an unlocked vehicle on the 21700 block of Hyde Street.

4:32 p.m., Tuolumne A man reported a theft at Tuolumne Market on the 18300 block of Tuolumne Road.

6:20 p.m., Mi-Wuk Village A caller on the 24000 block of Lama Road reported a downed tree blocking the road.

6:24 p.m., Strawberry A woman said her purse was stolen at a business on the 31800 block of Highway 108. While the woman was away, the purse was left on a table under a coat. When she returned, her coat was on the floor and the purse was missing, she said.

6:36 p.m., East Sonora A man said a Toyota truck or SUV was parking in a handicap space on the 13700 block of Mono Way. The three occupants, in their late teens or early 20s, refused to move when asked and were being belligerent, he said.

7:19 p.m., Tuolumne A caller reported chasing away about eight people from a van parked on Pine Street. The van was unlocked and the people were trying to steal flowers from inside, the caller said.

7:39 p.m., Sonora area A caller said someone was setting off fireworks near power lines in the area of Walnut Drive.


12:33 a.m., Twain Harte A man on the 22900 block of Joaquin Gulley Road said three men were throwing snowballs.

4:13 a.m., Phoenix Lake area A man said his neighbors were setting off fireworks on Poco Calle.

11:48 a.m., Tuolumne Callers on Apple Colony Road said someone damaged their mailboxes.

12:03 p.m., Jamestown A man said someone broke into his car after it broke down on Highway 108, just before Main Street. The car stereo and other items were taken.

2:58 p.m., Pinecrest The California Highway Patrol said people in a black Toyota pickup were shooting at cars and people with a BB gun on the 700 block of Dodge Ridge Road.

3:38 p.m., Twain Harte A caller said people were throwing snow onto Twain Harte Drive, causing a traffic hazard. A few minutes later, the CHP reported a similar incident on Cedar Drive.

4:21 p.m., Jamestown A woman said someone stole hubcaps from a vehicle on the 10700 block of Seventh Street on Dec. 31.

6:12 p.m., Tuolumne A man said a group of kids were standing outside a business on the 18300 block of Tuolumne Road trying to bum cigarettes.

9 p.m., Twain Harte A woman at a business on the 22900 block of Joaquin Gulley Road said a man threw a phone after asking to use it because his car wouldn't start.

10:44 p.m., Jamestown A man said two men appeared to be casing a home on Campo Seco Road.


8:43 a.m., Jamestown A man said someone stole a battery from one of his trucks on the 18400 block of Jamestown Road. The battery was valued at $125.

Felony bookings


5:06 p.m., Sonora Ralph Williams Posten Jr., 51, 13900 block of Sims Road, booked on suspicion of theft with prior convictions. He was arrested at Save Mart in the Timberhills shopping center on the 1000 block of Mono Way. He remained in custody this morning in lieu of $10,000 bail.

9:59 p.m., Jamestown Gina Denise Moore, 31, unknown address in the Don Pedro area, booked at 9:59 p.m. Wednesday on the 10600 block of Seventh Avenue in Jamestown on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance and possessing drug paraphernalia. No further information was available. She remained held this morning in lieu of $10,000 bail.


2:03 a.m., Tuolumne Charles Thomas Anderson, 34, no address listed, Tuolumne, arrested on Carter Street on suspicion of possessing ingredients for making methamphetamine. A sheriff's report said ingredients were found in his car after a sheriff's deputy stopped it for having no left taillight cover. He was already on parole for manufacture and sales of methamphetamine, according to the report. He remained held this morning in lieu of $200,000 bail.

7:05 a.m. Columbia Daniel Warren Lindsey, 35, of the 20300 block of Tuttletown Road, arrested on Sawmill Flat Road at Parrotts Ferry Road on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance. No further information was available. He remained held this morning in lieu of $10,000 bail.


12:51 p.m., Sonora Leisa Elaine Aydelott, 32, no address given, Sonora, booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, battery on a police officer on duty and battery. No other information was available. She remained held this morning in lieu of $30,000 bail.


Cited on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol:

Joseph Phillip Abruscato, 47, no address listed, San Jose, booked at 9:20 p.m. Wednesday after arrest on North Washington Street at Elkin Street.

Dustin Eric Hill, 23, unknown address on Phoenix Lake Road, Sonora, booked at 2:35 a.m. Thursday after arrest at Fuller Road and Little Fuller Road.

Michelle Lynn Petter, 22300 block of Knox Road, Twain Harte, booked at 4:50 a.m. Thursday after arrest on Knox Road at North Tuolumne Road.

Janice Lynn Chaney, 45, 18100 block of Seco Street, Jamestown, booked at 1:10 a.m. Friday after arrest at Main and Willow streets in Jamestown.

Richard Eldon DeJong, 34, 9000 block of Smith Station Road, Groveland, booked at 1:20 a.m. Friday after arrest on Highway 120 east of Priest-Coulterville Road.

Stephanie Ann Brisco, 28, 18700 block of Highway 108 in Jamestown, arrested at 12:59 p.m. Thursday on Shaws Flat Road.

Sonora police reports


1:20 a.m., assault A caller reported a battery on the 100 block of South Washington Street.

2:07 a.m., warrant arrest Police arrested a 34-year-old man on South Washington Street on a misdemeanor warrant charging him with traffic violations.

6:03 p.m., theft A caller reported two boys were in custody on suspicion of shoplifting at Wal-Mart on the 1100 block of Sanguinetti Road. Both were turned over to their parents.


3:54 a.m., warrant arrest A 35-year-old man was arrested on Mono Way on an El Dorado County misdemeanor warrant.

12:03 p.m., suspicious circumstance A caller said a man carrying bolt cutters was walking behind a business on the 900 block of Sanguinetti Road.

12:11 p.m., animal complaints A caller on the first block of Banner Drive reported a missing tortoise. The animal had been gone for two days.


9:44 a.m., disorderly conduct A caller said a man was being verbally abusive to an emergency room doctor at Tuolumne General Hospital. The man had been treated and then refused to leave.

11 a.m., suspicious circumstance An officer responded to a woman standing beside a vehicle with a broken back window on North Washington Street. She said the damage was an act of God.

5:34 p.m., traffic accident A woman flagged down an officer on the 300 block of Stockton Road to report someone driving a blue car had hit her vehicle and left the scene.

10:07 p.m., suspicious circumstance A man said he found his front door open when he returned to his home on the 400 block of South Stewart Street.


Sheriff's reports


12:11 a.m., San Andreas There was a report of loud music on the 500 block of Gold Oak Road.

12:20 a.m., Copperopolis Fireworks were heard on the 900 block of Reeds Turnpike.

1:28 a.m., San Andreas A caller on the 600 block of Mountain Ranch Road said their neighbors were drinking and yelling obscenities.

2:13 a.m., Copperopolis A man was destroying a residence on the 2800 block of Little John Road. He left and then returned with a big stick, and then left again. Deputies found the man and brought him to his friend who took the man back to Stockton.

10:11 a.m., Arnold Snowboarding equipment was stolen from a parked vehicle on the 2000 block of Thunderbolt Trail.

12:03 p.m., Arnold A pine tree fell on power lines on the 2200 block of Country Club Drive.

3:23 p.m., Copperopolis A caller on the 3800 block of Stagecoach Road reported two stray black cows.

5:19 p.m., Arnold Snowboards were stolen from a driveway on the 2100 block of Moran Road.


8:51 p.m., Arnold A caller on Patricia Court said six cars were parked in the street and blocking snowplows.

10:11 a.m., Arnold A caller on the 2000 block of Thunderbolt Trail said snowboard gear was stolen from a vehicle.

11:27 a.m., Dorrington A caller from Shoshone Drive said several cars were blocking off the Sierra Parkway.

11:48 a.m., Angels Camp A caller on Murphys Grade Road said the road flooded east of Rolleri Bypass Road.

3:23 p.m., Copperopolis Two cows were reported loose on the 3000 block of Stagecoach Road.

5:19 p.m., Arnold Snowboards were stolen from a driveway on the 2000 block of Moran Road.


1:33 p.m., San Andreas A woman on the 700 block of West St. Charles Street said someone was at her home harassing her.

1:50 p.m., Valley Springs A caller reported graffiti on the back of a home on the 2000 block of Berkesey Drive.

3:56 p.m., Arnold A woman on the 1000 block of Laurel Circle said her 11-year-old son was approached by a man in a black car who told him to get in because his mother wanted him picked up and taken to a gas station.

4:36 p.m., Wallace A man said someone took items from a storage shed at a business on the 8200 block of Camanche Parkway.

Felony bookings


2:15 a.m., San Andreas Natalie Irene Franklin, 29, first block of Acorn Way, West Point, was arrested during a traffic stop at the intersection of Broadway and Market streets on a narcotics warrant issued by the Amador County Sheriff's Department. Franklin was booked into Calaveras County Jail and was transported to Amador County.

10:30 p.m., Rail Road Flat Michael Hayner, 61, 14000 block of Ponderosa Way, Mokelumne Hill, booked on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine and marijuana after arrest at the intersection of Rail Road Flat and Summit Level roads. Hayner was released after posting $15,000 bail.


4:05 a.m., Angels Camp Kristin Lynette Powers, 25, 3000 block of Meachum Ranch Road, Altaville, booked on suspicion of possessing and selling narcotics after arrest at the intersection of Rolleri Bypass and Murphys Grade roads. She was released after posting $70,000 bail.

4:10 a.m., Angels Camp Eric Russel Reeder, 23, 6000 block of Mountain Ranch Road, Mountain Ranch, booked on suspicion of possessing and selling narcotics after arrest at the intersection of Rolleri Bypass and Murphys Grade roads. He was released after posting $50,000 bail.


1:46 a.m., Murphys Gatlin Dewan Hampton, 20, Douglas Flat, booked on suspicion of receiving stolen property, misdemeanor battery, possessing a controlled substance, burglary and disorderly conduct after arrest on the 400 block of Williams Street. He remained in custody this morning in lieu of $100,000 bail.