Sheriff's reports


8:52 p.m., Sonora area A woman on the 20900 block of Shaws Flat Road said another woman at the house, who was possibly drunk, broke a glass coffee pot over the caller's head.

9:54 p.m., Tuolumne A caller said two men, possibly related, were swinging 2-by-4s at each other in front of a house on the 18700 block of Cedar Street.

11:49 p.m., Twain Harte A woman on the 18800 block of Manzanita Drive said when she took her dogs outside she could smell the strong odor of cigarette smoke, as if someone had just left her property.


6:27 a.m., Standard A Curtis Creek School administrator said a laptop computer valued at $2,000 was stolen from a school office when a door was pried open overnight. The school is on the 18700 block of Standard Road.

10:03 a.m., Volponi Acres A woman on the 19000 block of Golden Dove Lane said she saw a suspicious-looking man with short brown hair and broken teeth on her street near a water tower.

10:52 a.m., Soulsbyville A tree company employee said a man on the 19500 block of Soulsbyville Road tore up papers about utility work to be done near the man's house, and threatened to shoot anyone who got near his property.

12:28 p.m., Jamestown area A man said he was assaulted by his girlfriend at his house on Campbell Flat Road. The man had cuts and bruises on his head.

1 p.m., Columbia A man on the 22700 block of Silver Street said his cat was stolen from his house Wednesday.

2:07 p.m., Jamestown A man on Golden Oaks Drive said a fence was vandalized.

3:02 p.m., Twain Harte A woman on the 18900 block of Sequoia Avenue said her house was vandalized.

4:28 p.m., Phoenix Lake area A man on the 14800 block of Lakeside Drive said 16 tickets to an athletic event, valued at $590, were stolen from his mailbox.

5:24 p.m., Groveland A man said his 15-year-old daughter was assaulted as she left Tioga High School on the 19300 block of Ferretti Road. The girl's hand was broken.

6:04 p.m., Twain Harte A man said his wallet containing cash, credit cards and identification was stolen from his unlocked vehicle parked at the Twain Harte Post Office on Fuller Road.

6:15 p.m., Sonora area A man said his neighbors on Chukar Circle were smoking marijuana and the smell was overpowering.

8:18 p.m., Twain Harte A man on the 22900 block of Black Oak Drive said his house was burglarized and a telephone, tools and a VCR were stolen.


8:28 a.m., Sonora area A man said he found several mailboxes in a ravine near the southwest corner of Tuolumne Road and Highway 108.

10:51 a.m., Twain Harte A caller said a man in a green pickup was shoveling gravel belonging to Caltrans into his vehicle near the intersection of Highway 108 and Twain Harte Drive.

11:05 a.m., Columbia A man at a business on the 22100 block of Parrotts Ferry Road said his landlord was taking down his sign.

11:44 p.m., Groveland A woman said an animal control officer entered her house on the 20600 block of Crescent Way without her permission.

1:59 p.m., Pinecrest A woman with the United States Forest Service said she thought she found an abandoned methamphetamine lab near Beardsley Campground.

2:12 p.m., Twain Harte A woman said a man tried to "take out" her car door as he drove by on the 17900 block of Plateau Road.

3:01 p.m., Groveland A man said two kids pushed over a Dumpster and scattered trash on the 18900 block of Ferretti Road.

3:27 p.m., Jamestown A man on the 13100 block of Park Avenue said someone came into his home while he was out and took his television. He said the people who took it were heading to a pawn shop.

4:38 p.m., Soulsbyville A man on the 16700 block of Primrose Lane said some kids were running through his property.

8:07 p.m., Sonora area A woman said her teenage neighbor keeps coming over to her home on the 19600 block of Serrano Road, looks in the windows and cusses at her.

8:51 p.m., La Grange A man on the 2100 block of Pepito Drive said someone broke into his vacation home. He did not know if anything was taken.

10:22 p.m., Twain Harte area A woman said she returned home to the 17200 block of Mount Elizabeth Road to find a white van parked in her driveway. The woman later told authorities the van actually belonged to one of her friends and that she did not recognize it.

10:23 p.m., Twain Harte A woman said some people in a Ford Ranger were smashing mailboxes on Middle Camp Road.


12:18 a.m., Jamestown A woman on the 13700 block of Park Avenue said a man assaulted her.

5:42 a.m., Mi-Wuk Village A woman said someone spread some kind of substance all over her cars, which were parked in her driveway on the 20500 block of Muheli Road. There has been an ongoing problem with kids running through the neighborhood at night, she said.

9:04 a.m., Soulsbyville A man said someone stole two pallet racks from outside a business on the 17100 block of Mono Vista Road.

9:52 a.m., Crystal Falls A woman on the 22000 block of Crystal Falls Drive said someone shot her cat in the eyes with a BB gun. The shooting took place between 4 and 6 p.m. on the previous day, she said.

10:10 a.m., Soulsbyville A man on the 20500 block of Gordon Drive said someone threw a rock through a car window.

10:41 a.m., Mi-Wuk Village A woman on the 24000 block of Highway 108 said someone knocked out a light with a rock.

10:49 a.m., Mi-Wuk Village A man said someone turned over a bus-stop shelter on Muheli Road. The man found a box of kitchen matches at the shelter and said someone might have tried to set it on fire.

11:06 a.m., Twain Harte A woman said her cabin on the 18100 block of Lakeview Drive was broken into. A tool used to break the window was left behind.

1:02 p.m., Jamestown area A man on the 10800 block of Golf Links Road said someone stole a chain saw from his garage.

2:38 p.m., Soulsbyville area A caller said some people on the 16900 block of Mono Vista Road were smoking marijuana on their front porch.

2:48 p.m., Twain Harte A caller said a man was beating a woman on the 19900 block of Middle Camp Road.

6:45 p.m., Twain Harte An employee at the business on the 22900 block of Meadow Lane said three boys were harassing people, yelling and throwing things.

8:46 p.m., Crystal Falls A woman on the 21700 block of Crystal Falls Drive said kids were throwing things near the horse stables.

8:48 p.m., Jamestown A caller on Preston Lane said a woman burst into her apartment saying she had been assaulted. The woman had a cut on her leg, a bruised shoulder and a scratch on her chest.


6:22 a.m., Sonora area A man said neighborhood kids were riding loud dirt bikes in the area of Racetrack Road. This is an ongoing problem, he said.

Felony bookings


7:47 a.m., Volponi Acres John Jack Kuhl, 27, 18900 block of Golden Dove Lane, Jamestown, booked on suspicion of possessing methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of less than an ounce of marijuana after an arrest at his home.

During a search for another man, Kuhl was questioned, and his car searched. A deputy found two plastic baggies, one with methamphetamine, another with a small amount of marijuana.

Kuhl remained in custody this morning in lieu of $10,000 bail.

12:23 p.m., Sonora Joshua Daniel Hamilton, 25, 100 block of Hill Street, Sonora, booked on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm and receiving stolen property after an arrest at his house.

According to a Sonora police report, a police investigator went to Hamilton's house to question him about an ongoing case, and because Hamilton is on probation, the officer had permission to search the house. The officer found two guns that did not belong to Hamilton and arrested him.

Hamilton remained in custody this morning in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Sonora police reports


8:25 a.m., animal complaints A caller on the 80 block of South Forest Road found three kittens in a couch and turned them over to an animal control officer.

8:46 a.m., vandalism A caller said a coin-operated dryer on the 200 block of Greenley Road was broken into overnight.

2:08 p.m., traffic violations A 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of driving a car without a license after a traffic stop on Morning Star Drive.

4:08 p.m., theft A 19-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of shoplifting at Sonora Express Mart on Pesce Way.

6:23 p.m., fraudulent activity A Wal-Mart pharmacist said he received a fraudulent prescription.

8:28 p.m., suspicious circumstances A man who appeared to be out of control from drug use ran from Sonora Community Hospital emergency room.

10:01 p.m., suspicious circumstances Teens asked to stop skateboarding in front of a store in Sonora Crossroad shopping center became verbally abusive to a store employee.


6:39 a.m., vehicle theft A 1999 Chevrolet Suburban was stolen from the 200 block of North Shepherd Street.

2:34 p.m., theft A man said someone took the spare tire from his truck. He did not know where the theft took place.

9:47 p.m., vandalism A caller said two girls vandalized some benches behind a See's Candy booth at Wal-Mart on the 1100 block of Sanguinetti Road.

9:58 p.m., liquor violations A man said he saw three boys drinking alcohol on the front porch of a house on the 100 block of West Sunset Street.


12:40 p.m., fight A caller reported seeing a man beating a woman on the 1000 block of Mono Way.

2:23 p.m., vandalism A woman said her car was vandalized a day earlier when she was at an office on the 900 block of Sylva Lane.

6:40 p.m., hazardous situation A woman said two men may have been camping off Southgate Road. They had a fire going and were cooking, she said.

11:13 p.m., traffic violation A man said several cars were drag racing in the Sonora High School parking lot.


Sheriff's reports


8:13 a.m., Murphys Vehicles were reported speeding through a school zone outside of Albert Michelson Elementary School.

8:39 a.m., Valley Springs A caller on the 6000 block of Pettinger Road claimed that someone has been coming onto the caller's property and feeding his or her cattle, making them sick.

4:44 p.m., San Andreas Tires of a vehicle were slashed on the 500 block of Angels Road.

7:05 p.m., Angels Camp A caller at Glory Hole Sports said there was a suspicious van outside that may be filled with surveillance equipment. A deputy checked the van, which turned out to be delivering phone books.


9:48 a.m., Dorrington A caller reported a strange van driving slowly up and down Cheyenne Street. The van was delivering phone books.

9:53 a.m., San Andreas A caller said some people stole a doorknob from Calaveras High School.

10:04 a.m., Vallecito A woman on the 2300 block of South Petersburg said someone buried something on her property.

11:50 a.m., San Andreas A fight was reported between boys on the 300 block of High School Street.

6:20 p.m., San Andreas A woman on the 100 block of Bellview Street said nine kids were riding dirt bikes in a lot next to her home.

8:47 p.m., Mokelumne Hill A caller said a home on the 8100 block of Main Street was broken into sometime in the last week.


12:12 p.m., Valley Springs A man on the 2000 block of North Ranchero Road said someone nailed a large white cross to a post near his driveway. He thought it might have been a hate crime.

5:37 p.m., West Point A woman on the 300 block of Stanley Road said a neighbor threw a board and hit her son.

11:35 p.m., Mountain Ranch A caller said a man and woman were fighting on the 8500 block of Doster Road.


1:27 a.m., Hathaway Pines A caller on the first block of Cedar Drive said a man was using power tools and hammering at a late hour.

Felony bookings


7 p.m., Valley Springs Matthew Edwards, 43, 2000 block of Reed Way, Valley Springs, booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after arrest at his home. He posted $40,000 bail and was released.