While attempting to pick up his child from his estranged wife, a Jamestown man was shot and paralyzed last week in front of the Vallejo Police Department and the suspect is the woman's boyfriend.

William Adams, 39, remains in critical condition at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek after being shot twice Friday once in the right shoulder and once in the abdomen. The bullet that entered his shoulder lodged in his spine, and Vallejo Police Lt. David Jackson said Adams is now paralyzed from the chest down.

David Bullock, 45, of Vallejo, live-in boyfriend of Jennifer Adams, has been arraigned on charges of attempted murder. He remains in the Solano County Jail in Fairfield in lieu of $500,000 bail. A Solano County Superior Court clerk said Bullock pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the single charge.

Police said Adams' girlfriend witnessed the shooting and ran into the department to get help. When officers got outside, the gun Bullock was holding was still smoking.

"Within a few seconds we had four to five officers there," Jackson said. "The smoke was still in the air when an officer told Bullock to drop the weapon.

"He was standing over the victim trying to shoot him another time when the gun jammed. Bullock then threw down the gun and put his hands in the air."

The Adamses filed for divorce in Tuolumne County in September, and William Adams had received temporary custody of the couple's two daughters the day before the shooting. Their oldest daughter turned 12 the day Adams was shot; the younger girl is 11 months old.

In the divorce documents on file in Sonora, the couple shared joint physical and legal custody of the two children, but Jennifer Adams was designated as primary caregiver.

However, William Adams suspected Bullock was abusing the two girls, court documents show. Tuolumne County Superior Court Judge James Boscoe awarded temporary custody to the father.

Adams asked to meet his estranged wife to pick up his infant daughter at the Vallejo Police Department to avoid any problems, said Esther Krejcik, of Associated Legal Document Assistance in Sonora. She prepared Adams' divorce and custody papers for the court. The older girl was already living with her father.

The Adamses were to meet about 6 p.m. Friday. Adams and his girlfriend, Viola Aguilar, arrived early and were talking in their car in front of the police station, at about 5:45 p.m., when Bullock drove up in his green pickup, police said.

Adams and Aguilar got out of their car thinking Bullock had the baby, but when Aguilar saw Bullock had a gun, she ran up the stairs to get police, Jackson said. Bullock started shooting right away, and Aguilar saw him fire two or three times, police reported.

Jackson said that shortly after the shooting, Jennifer Adams drove up, but she apparently was not a witness. Jackson did not know if the child was with her.

Krejcik said the 12-year-old daughter is extremely distraught over her father's shooting and scared for her safety. She did not reveal where and with whom the girl is living.

Krejcik said William Adams moved to Jamestown about a year ago, after his marriage broke up, to live close to a woman who was like a second mother to him after his own mother died when he was young.

In documents filed with the family court, Adams said he was a disabled veteran living on a limited income.

The 11-month-old daughter is still living with Jennifer Adams, Krejcik said.

"This is a horrible situation and everyone is very concerned about the youngest girl," Krejcik said.

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