A Sonora soldier injured in Baghdad by a bomb might soon be coming home.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jeremiah Jones, 20, was injured last week when a bomb inside a satchel left inside a Baghdad building exploded.

"He told us they were clearing a building when a bomb blew out three walls and sent shrapnel into his arm and hand," said Kristi Ackland-Clarke, Jones' mother. "Two other soldiers in his platoon were also injured."

After the explosions, Jones was flown back to a Kuwait hospital for treatment. From there, he got to call his mother, stepfather and girlfriend. Friday, he was scheduled to fly to a U.S. military hospital in either Spain or Germany for further treatment.

"Then he might be coming home," said Jaimie Land, Jones' girlfriend, 20, also of Sonora.

Land had last spoken to her boyfriend Jan. 24, but the two have been writing each other almost nonstop. The two have known each other since grade school, but only started dating about a year ago, she said.

But once the war started and Jones and thousands of other soldiers began their long trek to Baghdad, the letters stopped because there was no way mail could reach the troops in Iraq, Land said.

While Jones' family and girlfriend have been keeping track of the war through television and newspaper articles, they had no idea exactly where Jones was or that he had been injured until he called home.

The young soldier first called his girlfriend about 6:30 a.m. Thursday Sonora time but when she wasn't home, he left a message. Land works as an emergency medical technician in Sacramento and was at work. Jones next called his mother and stepfather. His mom was thrilled to hear from her son, and happy he was not injured more seriously.

"I was glad it was he who called and not a medic or a chaplain," Ackland-Clarke said. "That would have been the call every mother has nightmares about."

Land finally got to talk to her boyfriend about 4:30 Friday morning.