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The Union Democrat welcomes letters for publication on any subject as long as they are tasteful and responsible, and are signed with the full name of the writer (include a phone number and address, for verification purposes only). Letters should not exceed 300 words. A maximum of one letter per writer can be published every two weeks. The newspaper reserves the right to edit for brevity, clarity, taste and style. Please, no business thank-you’s, business endorsements, or poetry. We will not publish consumer complaints against businesses or personal attacks.

Letters may be submitted by email at letters@uniondemocrat.com or by mail, 84 S. Washington St., Sonora 95370 and by FAX, 209-532-6451. Guest opinions, columns and editorial cartoons do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Union Democrat editorial board.

Letters to the editor for September 27, 2012

Distorted view of American history

To the Editor,

It just amazes me, what a distorted view of American history many people have. I wonder if it’s due to a lack of good or complete information in American History books, or maybe it’s because they believe many politicians lies. I would suggest reading “Peoples History of the United States” by Howard Zinn to get a much more complete history of this country, and it is written from the perspective of the average person.

Many people apparently believe that the “Founding Fathers” were the most intelligent people ever born, and that their ideas should never be changed. 

Well, what about all of the amendments to the constitution. 

After reading some of the recent Letters to the Editor, I realize that many writers apparently do not understand what went on politically during the years leading to the adoption of our Constitution. It wasn’t a revelation that everyone agreed on. Rather, it took much discussion and compromising. For example, the idea of having a Senate with two representatives from each state was a major concession, much needed to get enough states willing to ratify the constitution. Incidentally, the 17th amendment changed the selection of US Senators from the state’s legislatures to the state’s voters — another victory for democracy. I don’t understand why people such as Ms. Jan Higgins and Ms. CB Maxwell seem to be so much against democracy in elections!

In my opinion, everyone’s vote should count in electing the President and Vice-president just as it does in the election of our other representatives. 

We need to eliminate the Electoral College which, by the way, has nothing to do with “states rights.” “Battleground states” would no longer exist, so one or two states wouldn’t throw the election one way or the other, and everyone’s vote would be counted. 


Jerry Fueslein


Freedom of expression

To the Editor,

RE: Group Rallies for Rights story from Sept. 24.

Two thoughtless quotes, made by notable people, were used in this article. Neither were as foolish, holier-than-thou nor as arrogant as the tone of Ms. Ruth Godbout’s comments. Godbout has the right of expression because of this nation’s fight for the Constitution. 

I, too, have the right of expression opposite of Godbout’s and we are both free to feel that we have the right idea. God bless America. 

Judy Olson 


Letters to the editor for September 26, 2012

We are bankrupt

To the Editor,

We’re bankrupt. We just don’t know it, and the government (particularly the Federal Reserve Bank) is going through all kinds of contortions to fool us into believing otherwise.

Annual spending by the federal government now exceeds the 2007 level by about $1 trillion. With a slow economy, revenues are little changed. The result is an unprecedented string of federal budget deficits, $1.4 trillion in 2009, $1.3 trillion in 2010, $1.3 trillion in 2011, and another $1.2 trillion on the way this year. The four-year increase in borrowing amounts to $55,000 per U.S. household (including the 50 percent of households that don’t pay federal income tax).

The government cannot keep spending $1 trillion plus more than it takes in.

Also, it’s fallacious to believe that the government can increase its revenues above 20 percent of the economy without destroying incentives for growth.

In addition: unemployment is at 8.1 percent and staged for growth; 23 million-plus people out of work; 47 million people on food stamps; $16 trillion national debt; $4K reduction in middle class median income; and $4 per gallon of gas.

The fixes are blindingly obvious: a smaller federal government — cutting the head count by 25 percent; entitlement, education, regulatory and litigation reform; expand trade agreements with other countries; and, the proactive pursuit of energy independence including oil, coal and natural gas — along with viable alternative forms of energy.

The current administration’s divisive governing style robs us of our can-do attitude. Pulling together is nearly impossible when our leaders persistently attempt to separate us into different groups. People are spending less because they are afraid what tomorrow will bring. And companies will not hire because people aren’t spending. It’s an Obama administration generated Catch-22.

Elections have consequences. And the outcome of 2008 has been disastrous.

The 2012 election will seal our fate.

Ray Anderson


Leave Columbia School alone

To the Editor,

I have been thinking about writing this letter for quite awhile now. I at first wanted to use the correct grammar and etiquette and sound studious, but that’s not how I express myself in true form, so here it goes. I am so tired of these pitchfork, torch wielding hoo-ha’s voicing their insults about the Columbia Elementary Staff, and Board members. 

We have been called Kool-Aid drinkers, a cult, Pendley followers, among other things. I commend all the staff for taking the higher ground and with restraining themselves to the lower depths of those wielding piles who continue to hold personal grudges against the whole staff. 

These persons have had personal vendettas for which they feel someone related to or involved in the district has wronged them. 

Come on people! Take a long look in the mirror: if you can face the real truths long enough. All this mud slinging would become clear and the reasonings behind it to those spectators who have been one sided. Columbia Elementary’s record stands for itself. The past acts of some individuals should not define Columbia Elementary and its educators. 

We work hard for our students and they have and always will be our priority. We have never lost sight of that inspite of the bad publicity. 

Teresa Crutcher 


Economic crisis

To the Editor,

To expect state or federal money to fund our “sustainable development,” or to assume United Nations reach into our local government could even remotely bless our people, is a disgrace to humankind. California is bankrupt and our feds are paying $380 billion (of unproductive dollars) on our $16 trillion debt.

State control, UN costs and interference have brought us to ruin. 

Before this worldwide economic crisis is resolved, there will be no more “other peoples money” that we have perniciously desired. It is said, the bankrupt nations are to hold off their crash until after our election.

We may find ourselves disobeying some unconstitutional laws and restrictions to mine our minerals and log our trees in order to care for our people. 

Thank you Supervisors Royce and Hanvelt for reading the handwriting and leading the way.

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you and pray for its’ welfare. For in its welfare you will find your welfare,” Jeremiah 28:17.

Jan Higgins


Letters to the editor for September 25, 2012

Obama’s record is questionable

To the Editor,

Are they brain washed or stupid? I don’t understand how someone can be so adamant about a political candidate, but yet know very little about him. 

I have many progressive friends and I asked every one of them if they had read Obama’s books “The Audacity of Hope” (2006) and “Dreams from My Father” (1995, republished in 2004), not one of them had read the books, and when I offered to lend them my copies, not one of them accepted my offer. 

They just don’t want to know. Some of Obama’s worshipers are saying that we don’t know anything about Romney, but yet we can follow him from his birth, through grammar school, high school, college and his law degree, and MBA from Harvard. 

We can follow his business life, his term as governor of a majority liberal state, what bills he passed and vetoed, all of his speeches, his taking over a broke Olympics and fixing it. 

We know as much about him as we have ever known about any candidate to ever run for President. 

Why haven’t we seen one record of Obama’s grades in school? We haven’t seen one paper he has written in college or how he felt about politics or his values in those unknown years. Actual quote from “Dreams from My Father” [pg. 100-101]: “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy.”

I feel sorry for those Truman and Kennedy Democrats of the past and how they are misguided to think they are in any way like the new radical progressive Democrats. 

James Schlotthauer


Crash happened under Bush

To the Editor,

Dwan Seicheine has “studied” economics (Letter to Editor, Sept. 13), but somehow concludes that the problems we face today are Obama’s fault even though the crash happened on the Bush watch, and the deregulation on the Clinton and Bush watches. 

No one forced the banks to make bad loans, they were supposed to be bankers, people that understood economics. 

The bottom line is that greed is not good when it is unrestrained. These same bankers are now getting million dollar bonuses extracted from the retirees’ liquidity that Seicheine mentions. 

William Bergmann 


Better off today

To the Editor,

The Dow Jones Industrial Average on December 31, 2008: 8,776. The Dow Jones Industrial Average in September, 2012: 13,500 (approx.) 

Am I better off today than I was four years ago? Absolutely. 

Chuck Jett 

Twain Harte

Parents need to be more involved

To the Editor,

This generation’s parents are not involved enough in their students’ education. Parents are not involved enough. They don’t donate enough supplies. Parents should volunteer to help teachers. If parents helped teachers, the student(s) would get more help with homework. Parents should always check their students’ homework. Most parents tell their students they don’t know how to do the problems and make the students do it on their own. 

Some people say that parents don’t have time to help their student. Parents should always find time to spend with their students.

Your student could do a lot better if you took the time to help them with homework. So come on parents, get involved!

Alex Maxey 


Free speech

To the Editor,

Just wondering, isn’t there a law against shouting fire in a crowded theater? 

Isn’t that what the guy that made the inflammatory film and smeared it throughout the mideast did? Yes, we do and should have free speech in this country, but when it causes injury and death, shouldn’t there, at least, be an investigation, if not an arrest? 

It is mind boggling that this sort of trash can incite whole populations to riot, but couldn’t, we, at least, try to reason with these people via the same Internet that it is accomplishing exactly what it was meant to do and it was the work of a small mind and not the intent of a majority of the American people. 

Myrna Doering 


Letters to the editor for September 24, 2012

Church has lost ‘best priest’

To the Editor,

I have known Father Michael Kelly for 25 years. I first met him as my parish priest at St. Patrick’s here in Sonora and since that time, Father Mike has become a dear family friend. 

I believe that Father Mike is innocent. 

I feel that sadly, in today’s world, many look at a priest and see a pedophile. I am terribly disappointed in how the Church dealt with pedophile priests in the past. I know there are pedophile priests but I know Father Mike is not one of them. 

My heart breaks for anyone who may have been abused by their priest. 

However, I feel it is far too easy today for attorneys and plaintiffs to walk away holding very large bags of money, leaving behind them good, honest, innocent men who have devoted their entire lives to honoring God and the Church. 

I am glad Father Mike left, not fled, to his homeland of Ireland. His health was failing at an alarming rate. Enduring tremendous stress over a four year period, all the while, knowing his own innocence. He left for his homeland and the loving arms of his family. 

His life as he’d known it for 39 years here, ended in the few moments it took for the verdict to be read. The church, in my opinion, has lost it’s “best priest ever” and now, I cannot help wonder, how many other innocent men have been or will be wrongfully defrocked. 

Lynne Brown 


Tears from
Iraq War

To the Editor,

We should offer sanctuary and a free airplane ride to America, for all of the women and children in Afghanistan, then remove all American troops and leave all the Afghan men to chew themselves to pieces as they seem to wish. 

We should also waterboard George Bush and Dick Cheney with the tears of all the widows and orphans they created with their Iraq War!

J.W. Smith


Cut them off

To the Editor,

Am I the only one who is totally against sending money (billions) to countries who hate us and murder our personnel? The U.S.A. must use common sense and to those who say there’s more to it, be real! Duh! It seems so obvious, you don’t respect us, then no money for you. We’re adding billions to our deficit, probably financing your violence against us. I say cut them off!

Mary Green


Fire tax

To the Editor,

In response to Mr. William C. Marrs’ letter dated Sept. 13, he wonders why voters in Tuolumne County and other rural counties are not outraged over the fire tax fee being forced upon us. 

I for one am! 

He asks, “What are we going to do about it?” He suggested everyone write to Governor Brown. That’s one way.  

I suggest everyone that has a computer to go online to the web address: www.firetaxprotest.org   

If voters who want to challenge the fire tax fee and claim a refund, simply follow the instructions, fill out the forms and mail them to the agencies listed.  

If you don’t have access to a computer ask your friends or neighbors to do it for you and also let them know!

Russ Truman

Twain Harte

The rest of the
Soap Box story

To the Editor,

Soap Box Derby winner, Betsy Smith (Union Democrat, September 7) is in good company here in Sonora. In 1939 the Sonora Union Democrat co-sponsored the very first Tuolumne County Derby. 

In 1940 and 1941, before the war interrupted the event, Sonora boys qualified for the National and International finals in Akron Ohio. Neither won the event, but in 1941 Dick Davis (age 16) was awarded the title of Pacific Coast Champion. His “coaster” was sponsored by the

Union Democrat and once rolled down Washington Street between the Red Church and Coffill Park. 

It is on display at the Tuolumne County Museum along with other soap Box memorabilia.

You can learn more about this historic tradition by reading the rest of the story in the Historical Society Chispa publication Vol. 38, No. 4. Call 532-1317 to learn how you can acquire this publication or participate with the Tuolumne County Historical Society to keep our history alive.

Bob Rogers


Letters to the editor for September 20, 2012

Sherri Brennan for supervisor

To the Editor,

Bob and Sherri Brennan are good friends and wonderful people. When we learned that Sherri was running for Supervisor in District 1 it made us excited for her and for the county. 

They have raised two children who would make any parents very proud. Their daughter attends CSU Fresno and their son is a high school senior. They are the type of parents who have taught their children good values to live by and we are confident she will bring those same values to the board. 

Our county needs new blood with leadership that will take us boldly into the future while stabilizing the economy and ensuring our quality of life. 

Sherri has the vision, the experience and the ability to do that. The Brennan roots go deep and they reflect a love and respect for the people, the environment and the history of Tuolumne County. 

Anybody who knows her like we do knows that she will make an excellent supervisor. Our county needs Sherri Brennan on that Board of Supervisors. We hope you agree and will vote for Sherri Brennan, supervisor District 1!

Carol Slicton


Political parties

To the Editor,

America’s major political parties’ hegemonic foreign policies can only ultimately result in total failure, because those policies are based on the unrealistic attempt to limit the global spread of scientific knowledge, and the foolish objective to crush the resolve of peoples around the world to take charge of their own destinies. The historic record on this latter point is clear to anyone interested in American foreign policy research. (Example: see “Killing Hope,” William Blum, 2004) The U.S. looks out on the world and sees limitless “evil doers”; the world looks on the U.S. as an hypocritical power that wishes to maintain its own nuclear weapon superiority to deny to others what it has in abundance. It preaches “democracy,” “rule of law,” but sets itself out as the ultimate arbiter of what is “just” or “unjust.”

“You are with us or against us” (Bush 2). This simplistic mantra is totally empty of furthering any progress on a more peaceful world. So is carrying around in your back pocket a “kill list” of those we wish to eliminate without the “rule of law” or “due process” (Obama).

Others also see the transparent idea that if one possesses nuclear weapons and the systems for ultimate delivery they essentially immunize themselves from further destabilization attempts by the U.S. The corollary to this terrible policy is that in order for the U.S. to further its own “interests” abroad with such unrealistic policies it must further undermine the basic constitutional rights here at home of its own citizens. (Example: The American Defense Authorization Act 2012) 

This is a recipe for national and ultimately global disaster. We are destroying our republic for empire. 

Bert Canepa 


Letters to the editor for September 19, 2012

Yes on Prop. 32

To the Editor,

Local polls finding that respondents would not support the Sonora or Summerville High school bond measures, caused me to write. 

Back in 2000, I helped qualify a petition that made it onto the November ballot that year, because I found in 1996 California School system ranked 49th and had over 800 “administrators” in Sacramento salaried over $100,000 a year. 

That 2000 petition was Proposition 38 for school vouchers, allowing children in unsafe schools to be enrolled out of district at another school. 

I watched the California Teachers Association (CTA) spend $26,366,491 to defeat it. The California Fair Political Practices Commission, a government agency, issued a report in March 2010 saying that the CTA had spent $211.8 million on political campaigns in California in the ten-year period beginning on January 1, 2000 and ending on December 31, 2009! 

How much has CTA spent since 1876? 

That money was from union dues and should have gone for benefits, and very few union members have much of a say of where their dues go politically; and this union has too much political power and has done too little to help the schools and our children. 

Before those who support more money for schools to be taken from us I would suggest you ask the CTA for the money the schools need. Obviously the CTA has more than enough, and what they have done with it sure doesn’t seem to help the children’s education!  

Maybe that’s why Prop. 32 made it on this November’s ballot, prohibiting unions from using dues politically unless permitted by union members; rightfully giving union members a say where their money goes.

Barry F. Wilson


The rich and poor

To the Editor,

A popular conception today is, “The reason so many people are poor is because the rich have so much.” Once upon a time I believed there some validity to this argument. 

For several years I worked for a firm in clown-town Berkeley. Every day, I saw many street people and beggars on Shattuck Avenue. I helped when I could, but of course I couldn’t give them all money. 

None of them owned automobiles while up in the hills were many big, beautiful homes with numerous new and late model vehicles parked in the driveways. 

Was it fair that the wealthy all had multiple cars and trucks while the poor people down below couldn’t even have one?

Then one day a light came on! Just a few blocks down the street was auto row with dozens of new cars and trucks just waiting to be bought, the discrepancy between rich and poor had the availability of goods and services. It has everything to do with decisions people make with their lives.

I know that this letter will infuriate certain people but don’t expect a retraction from me. Truth is truth whether it is accepted for now.

David Holcomb


Encourage voting

To the Editor,

All my life, I have heard the mantra, “Vote, or you deserve what you get!” 

So now, in 2012, 50 years after the Civil Rights Act assuring us that we are all equal, why have several states put restrictive measures on everyone’s right to vote?

In Ohio, voting hours have been cut. Don’t we all remember the long lines in Ohio in 2008, with some people just finally giving up and going home?

Pennsylvania is going to require an I.D. card, making it difficult for seniors, people living in inner cities and thousands of university students who have been told their student I.D. cards won’t be acceptable. 

After the state legislature passed this despicable measure, one legislative member gleefully shouted, “We have just made Mitt Romney President of the United States!”

Then there’s Florida where thousands have been stricken from the voter rolls. One 92 year-old man received a letter telling him he was no longer eligible, even though he had voted in every election since he was of voting age.

The people responsible for these outrages should not be allowed to get away with it. People should be encouraged to get to the polls — not stay away.

Sue Glass


Letters to the editor for September 18, 2012

Seeking a more perfect union

To the Editor,

Will “we the people” ever see the day when we fly a flag the color of a purple united country instead of the “red, white and blue” of a sorely divided and dysfunctional states of America? Watching and listening to speeches and demonstrations at the conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties cause me to fear what the electioneering to come before November will do to divide our nation further apart. Apparently the party which gathers and spends the most money on attack ads will be victorious.

Perhaps the 50 stars should remain on the flag to give us hope for a “more perfect union.”

Ray Mellana


Don’t use death for political gain

To the Editor,

As I watched the transfer ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base I was reminded of my father’s funeral in 1993. He had joined the Navy in 1928 and retired in 1957. His service included World War Two and the Korean War. At the graveside my father’s casket was covered with the American flag and attending the ceremony was a Navy color guard. A bugler played taps and then the colors were folded and presented to my mother in a most dignified and memorable manner.

A few years previously I had asked my father to record and write down some of his reminiscences of World War II. He did so and I have given copies to my children. In my eyes he will always be a hero. But so was my mother. Almost as an afterthought I had asked her how the war was for her.

In her words, it “was one long nightmare.” I then realized that it was the wives and mothers who were the ones who single-handedly raised their children and held the jobs that not only helped win the war but at the same time helped hold our society together.

And so it was in Libya  as four more Americans joined the ranks of those who have given their lives to their country and as it is for those in other foreign lands. 

At the same, however, injecting a political campaign into the events in Libya and Egypt is not warranted. 

True patriots would rally around our government in the face of foreign threats. 

Instead, Governor Romney and others have used the deaths of four heroic men for political gain. 

That is despicable and beneath contempt. Shame on them.

Daniel Connell


Letters to the editor for September 17, 2012

What’s good for goose and gander

To the Editor,

I was appalled, but also amused, at the comments by Supervisor Randy Hanvelt about the Cooperstown Quarry legal settlement (“Quarry deal ends lawsuit,” September 5). Other media reports indicate that Supervisor Dick Pland also used the word “extortion” in characterizing the settlement of the litigation.  

But Hanvelt clearly won the rhetorical rant n’ rave competition, by adding to his claim of “extortion” the assertions that the settlement was “tyranny,” “un-American” and “anti-Constitutional.” 

And, as a parting shot at the Riverbank City Council, he asserted that they had violated their oaths to abide by the Constitution by bringing litigation in the first place. And he then looked inward and said that his own board members were “prostitutes” for accepting the settlement agreed to by all other parties.

Hanvelt wasn’t around when Tuolumne County supervisors, including Pland, unanimously voted in 2004 to sue Calaveras County in connection with the Oak Canyon Ranch project approval on exactly the same theory that Riverbank and two non-profit organizations used in the Cooperstown Quarry litigation — that the defendants had failed to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act.  

And to add a bit of irony, when Tuolumne County filed that suit against its neighbor, Tuolumne County used one of the law firms that just represented Riverbank in the Cooperstown Quarry litigation.

Apparently with Supervisors Hanvelt and Pland what’s good for the goose ain’t good for the gander. Or maybe they are just disciples of Ralph Waldo Emerson who famously said, “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”  

Whatever the case, it’s clear that rampant hypocrisy is alive and well on the 4th floor of 2 S. Green St.

Kristin Sullivan


Great job TUD

To the Editor,

I’m writing in regards to Tuolumne Utilities District. They have just completed the potable water line on Sawmill Flat Road giving potable water to members of the Sawmill Flat Water Association. Potable water — it’s been a long time coming. 

We are all very grateful and excited about this project and would like to thank those for making it possible: Pete Campa, Erick Johnson, Tom Scesa, all the board members, the crew, Brian Secora, Albert Matlock, Tim Grandbois, Keith Hockett, Todd Waelty, Louie Pazz and Les Dean for a great job! Well done. 

Also the construction company did a speedy and efficient job. Thank you for going the extra mile on getting the grant and getting the job done. 

TUD does do good things for their customers! I will be forever grateful. 

Potable water is a wonderful commodity for those of you who it be thankful you do! Thanks again!

Kathie Turgeon


The President
dresses sloppily

To the Editor,

I’d like to comment on the current resident of the White House’s poor display of how said resident should present oneself. 

Does the man not own a suit? He looks like a schlep with his collar open, no tie and his sleeves rolled up. 

For crying out loud, he looks like he is getting ready  to wax a floor or wash his car. Everything he does is so unbecoming of the office he holds. From charging $12,000 per photo op with him (for a fundraiser! Talk about prostituting yourself), to schlepping all over the United States with his shirt sleeves rolled up. 

When President George W. Bush took office he made a declaration that while in the Oval Office he would not be seen in gym clothes (i.e., President Clinton) or any other inappropriate dress. He respected and honored the most important office in the free world. 

Chris Luckie 


Columbia School and its trustees

To the Editor,

Once again the Columbia School Board over stresses our credulity. Board President Clark Segerstrom says a lawsuit prevents the trustees from discussing the district’s notorious sexual abuse case. This is logical. But Segerstrom adds, according to the Union Democrat, that the litigation “keeps them from providing information about the policies currently in place to protect students or prevent further sexual abuse. If this is the advice of the school’s attorney, he is advising the board to violate the California Public Records Act — as well as common sense. As a matter of law, existing policies are public record and must be accessible by any and all citizens.

It makes one wonder if there are, in fact, “existing policies” to protect the community’s children.

Michael Ackley 


Letters to the editor for September 14, 2012

Democratic activist

To the Editor, 

Joan Kern referred to me as a Democratic activist. I haven’t been called an activist since my college days 40 years ago. Thank you. 

I guess it was the influence of the great community organizer. As to your charge of falsehoods, I conditioned my statement about Mr. McClintock’s visits to our county with “To my knowledge.” 

You have added to my knowledge. Thank you.

Maybe I will add to yours by announcing that Mr. McClintock was to be in our county Sept. 8. You could hear his opinions for a $20 donation. I guess that illustrates the Republican slogan “Money Talks.” 

In countering my review of Mr. McClintock’s accomplishments, you claim “he warned.” 

So do hoot owls but they don’t solve problems. Your claim that “voters have responded overwhelmingly in his favor” needs some fact-checking.

Looks to me like he has lost more than he won. But that’s old news. How has he performed the last two years, his only experience in the House of Representatives? He voted against nearly everything. 

But he did vote 32 times to repeal Obamacare. Was there no more productive work to do? How many jobs did that create? 

I think most voters would prefer Jack Uppal’s record at Intel to Mr. McClintock’s record in congress.  

David Munson 


Electoral college

To the Editor,

I see that a Mr. Jerry Fueslein took a swipe at my defense of the system of voting called the Electoral College, our constitutionally constructed method of selecting our Presidents and VP’s. 

He submitted that it was antiquated due to transportation and modern communication. Of course, he offered no support or proof of that. And, neither of those conditions are relevant to the purpose of the Electoral College. 

What I was pointing out is that it serves us as much as our separation of powers in the federal system of government called a republic, not a “pure” democracy. Never have been anything else, nor do we want to be. 

Perhaps we need to remember that each state has two Senators … why, so each state can represent their unique interests, not based on population. Under Jerry’s USA, all of America would be dominated by California, Chicago, and the Northeast. 

With the Electoral College, candidate’s must campaign for us all … and there always will be “battleground states.”

CB Maxwell 


Can-do supervisor

To the Editor,

Recently I ran into a rather disagreeable confrontation with a deer. 

For several days I had noticed a large black bird swooping down in front of my bedroom window. When I decided to check I followed his flight path down to my basement. As I neared the bottom of the stairs I smelled a terribly rancid odor coming from that area. 

Another few steps and viola — there lay a huge deer carcass, antlers and all. 

Apparently a (mountain) lion had dragged the animal to my basement floor. The smell was horrible. Immediately, I called animal control, but alas, they explained that their funds had been cut back and did not know when they could be there. 

I decided to make a visit to the shelter but was given the same information, I would have to wait. Days went by, and the smell was terrible, not to mention the innumerable insects that covered the animal. 

More calls to animal control and still the same response. I would have to wait. 

I tried the health department and that didn’t work either. 

Finally, in desperation I called Liz Bass, my district supervisor. I left a message and in about 15 minutes she returned my call. She said, they will be there this afternoon and if they don’t show up, call me. She gave me her personal phone number and within 30 minutes, a truck from animal control had pulled up, removed the smelly carcass and left. 

Wow, I told Liz, she should run for President. What service.

Janet Atkinson


Way to go

To the Editor,

Recently I had to make repairs to my auto. My work takes me to many locations in the county so getting to work without a car presented a major problem to me. I want to express my gratitude to the remarkable service I received by the Tuolumne County Transit. I was able to incorporate the bus and walking to get to several locations in the City of Sonora, Phoenix Lake, Sonora Meadows and Twain Harte.

I called their office for schedule information which was helpful and reflected a more often on-time arrival of the bus than not. The pickup and drop off points were well suited to me and when they weren’t the drivers found locations on route where I c ould be dropped. These stops were safe for the bus and in locations where I was not exposed to traffic. The driver even encouraged me to buckle up. Their willingness to help is just great: both patient and courteous.

So if you’re feeling stuck at home you might want to take a look at Tuolumne

Transit map and schedule. It worked for me. Thanks again.

Peggy Debely

Twain Harte

Letters to the editor for September 12, 2012

Misleading quotes

To the Editor,

A recent letter to the editor claimed to be quoting from a July 13 speech by President Obama. The quote was really from a GOP ad that heavily edited the speech to mislead the public. The quote said “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” 

In fact, in the July 13 speech, President Obama complemented small businessmen for what they do in creating their own business. Later in the speech, he noted that our great free economic system helps to make this possible. 

Finally, he pointed out that our bridges and highways used by almost all companies to bring their workers to work and to deliver their products are built with taxpayer dollars. He also mentioned the role of the government in providing the internet. It was these highways, bridges, and internet that he said the businessman didn’t build. 

Obviously. Someone else made that happen.

Note that this misquote is still being used by the GOP. It was recently use when first introducing Paul Ryan as the VP candidate. If you want to quote from a speech, look it up on the internet first so you get it right. Don’t believe  everything you here in political ads. 

Bob Gould


Teenagers aren’t
so clueless 

To the Editor,

The Aug. 30 article, “Class of ‘13: They’re, like, the net-gen” told of today’s high school seniors’ dependency on technology. 

I am a senior at Sonora High myself, and while it is absolutely true that today’s technology is generally depended upon by younger generations, not all of us seniors are quite so needy or clueless in regard to the “good ol’ days.” 

I’m proud to say that I can name every one of the Beatles, I have several Bob Dylan albums, I’ve never seen “I Love Lucy,” but I know of Lucille Ball, and I’ve gone more than a week without texting. 

Yes, it’s true that the Class of 2013 has grown up with today’s technology and living without it is hard to imagine. However, we deserve more credit than we’ve been given. Despite popular belief, most of us do read books, we can cook without a microwave, and many of us are familiar with the pop culture of our parents’ generation. 

Fifty years ago, adults were probably saying the same thing about their high school seniors.

Anne Huntemer


Meltdown ahead?

To the Editor,

I applaud Ray Anderson. Every word he says has been cogent and pertinent. To those who gainsay him, he has said why they would … and even how.

I would like to say this: I honestly think in the next few months we might see a meltdown of the financial system.

I have studied economics, and it really is simple … unless you study economics at “Socialism U” and swallow their obfuscations as fact.

 We have already lost most of the liquidity retirees carried. They worked their whole lives, only to see from 1/3 to 1/2 lost. I am saddened to see our nation going this way. I am very saddened that government has become the central point of existence for a large amount of people, and that these people are encouraged to vote. 

When you have people who do nothing become a majority you end up having the politicians cater to them. And that’s bread and circuses folks.

Obama (Barry Soetoro), loves that. His ilk love that. But, it’s unsustainable. 

Now, you ex-Democrats, admit you made a very big mistake. Swallow your pride and vote.

Dwan Seicheine


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