One shot bravos and barbs was fun. Let’s do another

Bravos to: The Twain Harte community members who built a new sign to mark one … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 5, 2017

Public lands To the Editor: Apparently Rep. McClintock thinks that he knows better than their … Read more

Do not sell our history

It was with great concern that I read in the newspaper that Sonora High School … Read more

On the merits of brevity

Bravos and barbs once was a bunch of one-liners, often said with slight edge, the … Read more

On this week’s good and bad

This week, a number of issues arose that fit in both the bravo and barb … Read more

On doing the right thing

Bravo New jail — While an argument can be made that the construction of a … Read more

On generosity, making choices, cleaning up

Bravos Meals — The donation of three Subarus for Meals on Wheels demonstrates what’s innately … Read more

Save the summer recreation programs

The solution to Tuolumne County's budget gap should not run through its children. Cutting summer … Read more

On graduation, restoration and social media

Bravos High school graduations — This week, the first of the eight graduations for Tuolumne … Read more

Editorial: Marketing Tuolumne County shows healthy mix of old and new

At the Best Western Plus Sonora Oaks Hotel and Conference Center Wednesday, the Tuolumne Visitors … Read more

On education, policing and public access

Bravos What’s next — There's no other way to say it. It has been a … Read more

Editorial: The Mother Lode Fairgrounds moves on

Life at 220 Southgate Drive in Sonora seems calm these days. That’s the address of … Read more

EDITORIAL: Tree program award well deserved

The recent National Association of Counties award to Tuolumne County for handling the truly devastating … Read more

On responsibility, finances and hard work

Bravos Road to somewhere — The National Park Service, the Federal Highway Administration and the … Read more

Editorial: Save the Dome

There are times communities set aside profit for purpose. This is one of those times. … Read more

On children, fairgrounds and tennis courts

Bravos Protecting children — A decrease of almost 200 reported cases in child abuse year … Read more

On essays, roads and dropped charges

Bravos Budget plans — Tuolumne County supervisors received a warning this week that dead trees … Read more

On pot, kindness, water and McClintock

Bravos Reprieve — The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors took a collective breath this past … Read more

Is the Left playing with fire again?

To those who lived through that era that tore us apart in the ’60s and … Read more

Offering a hand up to those in need

As I lay in my comfortable warm bed, the furnace turned to 62 degrees Fahrenheit, … Read more

Good plans will take good people

Way back in 1986, President Ronald Reagan uttered one of his most enduring comments during … Read more

Sonora High, community take the right steps

Bravos only The Sonora Union High School board deserves praise for holding a meeting this … Read more

On shared meals, blue lights and biomass

Bravos Community — Special thanks go out this week to the dozens of people at … Read more

For one, Thanksgiving a time to share the joy

One of the most challenging aspects of a newspaper reporter's job is writing something revelatory … Read more

On athletes, growth and bad budgets

Bravos Growth — Angels Camp is in the midst of studying what improvements should be … Read more

On voter turnout, veterans and Santa

Bravos Sportsmanship — “I made a bad call.” That was Bret Harte football coach Casey … Read more

On sports fields, the economy and clowns

Bravos Soccer — The Sonora Area Foundation stepped up this week to support Tuolumne County's … Read more

On playing fields, trees and illegal pot farms

Bravos Parks — Two entities are vying for the same 10 acres to build a … Read more

Walking man a highlight, church, roads not so much

Bravos Dedication — The human spirit is a truly interesting phenomenon. Consider Ric Ryan, also … Read more

Letters to the Editor for September 9, 2016

Harrop’s misguided views To the Editor: Right off from the title, “Do Trump’s men really … Read more

On music, community support and school finance

Bravos Festivals — Strawberry Music Festival is underway now at the Westside property, bringing in … Read more

On coaches, tourism, theft and elections

Bravos Coaches — The importance of a coach in shaping children’s lives is undisputed. Coaches … Read more

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