Letters to the Editor for March 22, 2018

Maximize pool’s potential To the Editor: I have read the articles about the Sonora High … Read more

Democrats dream of capturing California districts

On a recent Sunday evening, Katie Hill, 30, whose father is an LA police lieutenant … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 21, 2018

Cartoon was insensitive To the Editor: Maybe I’m just another liberal losing her sense of … Read more

Losers blame the voters

On Nov. 4, 2008, American voters faced the happy task of choosing between two popular … Read more

A campaign filled with unrealistic promises

It’s early in the election season, barely past the filing deadline, more than two months … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 20, 2018

Ready the getaway car To the Editor: Something to think about. “If” we wanted to … Read more

The narcissist’s mirror

We all check the mirror in the morning to do what we need to do. … Read more

Trump's tough talk on guns, NRA gives way to political reality

During a February White House discussion on school safety, President Donald Trump singled out Sen. … Read more

On civility, friendship, investing in community

Bravos To Tuolumne County students who showed us the way to have a civil conversation … Read more

Non-citizens will start voting soon

President Trump has griped for years — without any proof — that undocumented immigrants vote … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 17, 2018

Unrestricted rights To the Editor: Our freedom of speech gives Grayson Mobley (and you and … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 16, 2018

Who and why? To the Editor: I wonder who placed the “new” postal drive-through box … Read more

Hillary, stop. Please

She can’t let go. She can’t stop talking about what happened. She wrote an entire … Read more

Freedom of speech includes the right to remain silent

WASHINGTON — Governments routinely behave badly, but sometimes their mean-spiritedness comes to the Supreme Court’s … Read more

Lessons from Germany’s ‘Spring Offensive’ 100 years later

One hundred years ago this month, all hell broke loose in France. On March 21, … Read more

Good leaders make good schools

The solutions to the nation’s problems already exist somewhere out in the country; we just … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 15, 2018

Ideas versus ideals To the Editor: Many letter writers espouse “gun control,” but in reality … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 14, 2018

HealthLitNow partners recognized To The Editor: On behalf of HealthLitNow (HLN), our supporting organizations and … Read more

Much hinges on Trump in meeting with Kim Jong Un

WASHINGTON — They have met on Twitter, but not nose to nose. They dreamed up … Read more

50 Saint Patrick’s Days ago

After a lifetime spent in the company of the rogues, the rascals and, yes, the … Read more

Gender identity: How can I help my struggling teen?

As an agency working with families in our community, we have noted a marked increase … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 13, 2018

The big flip flop To the Editor: Remember when being labeled “a flip flopper” signaled … Read more

On free showers, Linoberg plan and public swim

Bravos To Hazel and Dick Mitchell and their tireless support for the homeless. They gave … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 10, 2018

Many public places have armed guards To the Editor: There was a letter to the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 9, 2018

Enforce gun laws To the Editor: I am not an NRA member and never have … Read more

Hooray for Harvey-less Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD — I ran into Harvey Weinstein at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last year. … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 8, 2018

Rendezvous with destiny To the Editor: In this most recent gun debate let us not … Read more

The Trump White House has turned into another reality show – ‘Dynasty’

WASHINGTON — For President Donald Trump, the family that works together works best. But the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 7, 2018

2nd Amendment is not sacrosanct To the Editor: A letter last week included some good … Read more

If undisciplined, GOP won’t make fall ballot

It’s well established that the California Republican Party has been almost without influence in the … Read more

Ronald Reagan and Nancy Pelosi: 2 Real Professionals

Former President Ronald Reagan is hands down the most electorally successful American politician of the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for March 6, 2018

Always say thank you To the Editor: The letter thanking first responders from the people … Read more

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