Nuclear war: Not North Korea’s only threat

It turns out that North Korea isn’t just a nuclear threat. It’s also a cyberthreat, … Read more

Dear, foreign leaders: Here's what you need to know about Trump

As President Trump prepares to head to Asia next month for his most important overseas … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 20, 2017

Tax plan To the Editor: The Republican tax plan rewards their big donors with big … Read more

The old obit man looks around

When I was 20, I dropped out of college and got a job with a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 19, 2017

Anti pot To the Editor: Promoting personal outdoor marijuana growth and commercialization sends a mixed … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 18, 2017

Lefties To the Editor: “There you go again” is the phrase that Ronald Reagan used … Read more

A dearth of virtue and the death of hypocrisy

Hypocrisy, one of the most damnable sins, has been rendered obsolete. When everybody’s a skunk, … Read more

Tax cuts are bound to increase the national debt

Speaking to a group of workers in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump said last Wednesday … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 17, 2017

Liberals hate the truth To the Editor: The truth is more powerful than a two … Read more

Sonora’s misguided plans for Red Church intersection

The Red Church at the north of town is Sonora’s most iconic view. Once again, … Read more

Amendment reduces potential of loved-up vote

If any of this year’s legislative bills was a no-brainer for easy passage and then … Read more

No one wins the oppression Olympics

CHICAGO — The Pew Research Center recently polled Americans on their belief in white privilege, … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 14, 2017

McClintock gets it and you don’t To the Editor: As a third-generation central California native, … Read more

Who will not be a 2020 presidential nominee

In 1963, the legendary Russell Baker, writing in The New York Times, explained how we … Read more

Yes, build the wall! Then we will know

WASHINGTON — It’s time to build the wall — and, in doing so, prevent an … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 13, 2017

Regarding roundabouts To the Editor: Kudos to Ron Ringen (Letter July 25, 2017 and Sept. … Read more

Trump’s foreign policy plagued by lack of clarity

WASHINGTON — Critics have complained about President Trump’s bombast on foreign policy, but some GOP … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 12, 2017

Marijuana in Tuolumne County To the Editor: So far in the discussion of what role … Read more

Welcome to the abyss

I am off lingonberries for the time being and Volvos and flat white furniture from … Read more

Sensible center needs to reclaim gun debate

SAN DIEGO — As those of you who follow the news and keep an eye … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 11, 2017

Don’t let McClintock divide us To the Editor: Congressman Tom McClintock has sent seven campaign … Read more

The auto industry: Glamorous past, opaque future

Bending metal, slapping on chrome and marketing an empowering product and status marker that mesmerized … Read more

It’s water professionals week

It is a commonly understood fact that water is the elixir of life, something we … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 10, 2017

I apologize To the Editor: Igor Birman letter (Sept. 29) is absolute right. I incorrectly … Read more

A moment of unity in the midst of divide

After violence pierces U.S. cities and towns, Americans come together. Later politics can drive them … Read more

Why Vegas might change gun control loses

After mass shootings like the nightmare in Las Vegas, there are always complaints that we … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 7, 2017

Chess vs Checkers, the wisdom of McClintock To the Editor: U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock has … Read more

War: Not a spectators sport

On Oct. 15, 2010, a father who knew from painful personal sacrifice the terror and … Read more

Double standard prevails in California government

Few California administrations have been plagued with as much corruption as Gov. Jerry Brown’s current … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 6, 2017

Smell the roses To the Editor: Fritz Maurer’s letter about the intersection eyesore hits the … Read more

Just a guy and the search for meaning

The horror the horror. The English language, expansive as it is, lacks sufficient vocabulary for … Read more

Letters to the Editor for October 5, 2017

Teacher’s strike To the Editor: Regarding the threatened teachers strike. Sometimes we forget that threatening … Read more

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