No punishment for corruption under Governor Brown

On the day Gov. Jerry Brown returned to his office after 12 days wandering around … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 15, 2017

Tax reform: A tax cut for the wealthy To the Editor: Americans don’t support tax … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 14, 2017

Here we go again. To the Editor: The city is stepping up their landscaping plans … Read more

How a first-year national monument becomes an institution

The New York Times’ graphic said it all. On one side, the map displayed the … Read more

When a women’s rage is unleashed

That special place in hell everyone keeps talking about is getting mighty crowded. The ball … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 13, 2017

God in the classroom To the Editor: “Our goal is simple,” (Greg) Glaser (a Copperopolis … Read more

Preserving Tuolumne County heritage

It’s not often that the county can do one, let alone two, historic preservation projects … Read more

Francisco Franco and the 2018 Republicans

To understand the discouraging plight for Republicans heading into the 2018 midterm elections, it might … Read more

A look at the martyrdom of Al Franken

With quavering voice and a tinge of stubborn denial, Sen. Al Franken announced that he … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 12, 2017

The C-2A, signs of the times To the Editor: When agendas trump reality, people pay … Read more

Tax reforms could hit housing, wider economy

It’s already well established that the tax “reforms” now being hashed out in secret by … Read more

On helping, technology, giving and criminals

Bravos To Tuolumne County for spending $3.5 million on software and other technology to enable … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 9, 2017

Free speech not censored at Bret Harte To the Editor: Grayson Mobley’s idealistic and respectful … Read more

Let us hear your thoughts for the coming year

A reader suggested we print letters to Santa from grown-ups this holiday season. It seems … Read more

Remember: Racism cuts both ways

CHICAGO — A few recent headlines could be filed under the category “Racism Is Bad … Read more

The aging monster

The aging monster By ROBERT J. SAMUELSON WASHINGTON – No one can say we weren't … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 8, 2017

Let’s regain our moral compass To the Editor: Yesterday in church I had the privilege … Read more

Can the US stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power?

The U.S.-North Korea confrontation is nearing another tense inflection point, with North Korea signaling that … Read more

Trump strikes back at federal investigators and the media

President Donald Trump bashed federal investigators on Twitter for the fourth day in a row … Read more

Lettres to the Editor for December 7, 2017

No place for partisanship in local races To the Editor: In The Union Democrat’s news … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 6, 2017

The new tax bill To the Editor: Senate Republicans (except for Bob Corker) managed to … Read more

Proposition 54: A ballot initiative that worked

There’s nothing politicians and lobbyists in this state hate more than the ballot initiative process … Read more

Lost Einsteins: The innovations we are missing

Much of human progress depends on innovation. It depends on people coming up with a … Read more

Is cake making constitutionally protected speech?

The conversation about a cake lasted less than a minute but will long reverberate in … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 5, 2017

Soroptimists honor female veterans To the Editor: The Twain Harte Soroptimist Club recently held a … Read more

Trump against the world

It was another week crammed with President Donald Trump duking it out on Twitter. Last … Read more

Understanding Republicans

It’s important for us to remember that even though President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat, … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 2, 2017

Federal Judges America – Not Trump To the Editor: The radical left on the bench … Read more

Brown helps developers evade CEQA

“I’ve never seen a CEQA exemption I don’t like.” — Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown made … Read more

There’s pleasure and power in this daily feast

Another Saturday morning. Spilling coffee on my Sports section. Blotting it up with my sleeve. … Read more

Letters to the Editor For December 1, 2017

Conserving what we have now To the Editor: Secretary Zinke has opened the door to … Read more

The question is – Who polices the police?

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was supposed to run a narrow investigation into accusations of … Read more

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