Letters to the Editor for January 13, 2018

U.S. must counter Russia’s threat to national security To the Editor: Every branch of our … Read more

On friends, teachers and including everyone

Bravos To Mary Jane Riva, CEO and president of Pizza Factory, who donated a buddy … Read more

Build that courthouse

At this point, we might be forgiven for feeling just a little bit like Charlie … Read more

We need better land-use planning

Congressional candidate Jessica Morse in an excellent guest opinion cited the expense of preventing and … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 12, 2018

Democracy is under attack To the Editor: American democracy is under attack, but the most … Read more

Another blow to Palestinian cause?

President Trump set off another Twitter firestorm last week when he hinted that he may … Read more

Oprah: The un-Trump, or the un-Clinton?

The metabolism of the media is such that we moved, within 20 hours, from the … Read more

Arpaio’s latest offense is running for Senate

Because there can never be any unadulterated good news lately, on the day that President … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 11, 2018

Wall Street vs. Main Street To the Editor: The Obama economic era is over and … Read more

Trump gets book thrown at him

WASHINGTON — As a candidate for president, Donald Trump assured voters that, if elected, he … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 10, 2017

Not so fast To the Editor: Reading the opinion page the last several weeks, it … Read more

Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties - Elected Officials

Calaveras County Board of Supervisors District 1 Gary Tofanelli gtofanelli@co.calaveras.ca.us (209) 286-9002 District 2 Jack … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 9, 2017

McClintock must go To the Editor: The Republican Party “Tax Reform” bill is nothing less … Read more

A prophet who deserves a little honor

Anyone who cannot resist the temptation to offer public predictions about public events invites and … Read more

Eastin: Sleeper candidate could emerge

Delaine Eastin has never run a losing campaign for any office, in 14 tries. But … Read more

On helping others, and the others who don’t

Bravos To the folks from Veterans Services who spent their own time helping one of … Read more

Homelessness is a community problem

The weather has warmed up some and so the threat of people freezing to death … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 6, 2017

Phone books have become litter To the Editor: Is it just me or is anyone … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 5, 2017

New tax law favors the rich To the Editor: This is my response to a … Read more

1989 Miss America Carlson wins again

WASHINGTON — If karma is a b——, justice is a beauty queen. After recent revelations … Read more

How to contact elected officials

As a public service and to ramp up civic involvement this year, The Union Democrat … Read more

Our sore President

During his winning campaign to capture the White House, Democrat Barack Obama was harshly critical … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 4, 2017

Nuclear war is no topic for tweets To the Editor: Our whole world could be … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 3, 2018

Blame the government To the Editor The liberals hate tax cuts for the wealthy, but … Read more

California's Congressional GOP members at risk in 2018

If there’s one thing members of Congress are elected to do, it’s to look after … Read more

Hello, 2018

So here we go, running headlong into 2018. Blank slate. What’s next? The holidays are … Read more

Letters to the Editor for January 2, 2017

Friends in need To the Editor: The saddest thing about losing a partner is that … Read more

Bravos & Barbs — On an impactful community

Bravos To the outpouring of support for Marlin and Erline Heldstab, longtime Tuolumne educators who … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 30, 2017

Do the math To the Editor: What recent letter writers to the editor fail to … Read more

A look back and ahead

When I speak to civic groups, the question about the future of the newspaper always … Read more

Letters to the Editor for December 29, 2017

Compassion, not hate To the Editor: Last year on Christmas morning just after sunrise, I … Read more

Reflection on civilization’s ‘Darkest Hour’

The new film “Darkest Hour” offers the diplomatic side to the recent action movie “Dunkirk.” … Read more

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