Letters to the Editor for June 23, 2017

Adult Supervision To the Editor: To paraphrase a line from Hamlet, “Something is rotten in … Read more

Harris for prez? Why should she wait?

The hype for Kamala Harris as a possible presidential candidate began almost from the moment … Read more

Words affect us; can they be lethal?

Words matter, journalists are fond of saying. This comes lately in the context of presidential … Read more

Save the summer recreation programs

The solution to Tuolumne County's budget gap should not run through its children. Cutting summer … Read more

President Trump and his generals

Donald Trump earned respect from the Washington establishment for appointing three of the nation's most … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 22, 2017

Center won’t solve budget woes To the editor, I keep reading letters from people who … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 21, 2017

Health care bill To the Editor: The U.S. Senate was once called “the greatest deliberative … Read more

Our new life in the dugout

WASHINGTON — Kelley Paul had gone to bed Tuesday night as usual, with her cell … Read more

Donald Trump Is No Richard Nixon

In just 13 days in October 1973, Washington endured a series of seismic political shocks. … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 14, 2017

County finances To the Editor: The recent news regarding the financial challenges for Tuolumne County … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 20, 2017

Skilled workers To the Editor: According to TCEDA (Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority), there is … Read more

It’s time for a good buddy tale

Americans needed a good buddy movie after a deranged gunman targeted Republicans practicing for a … Read more

No limit to state parties’ money laundering

Just in case anyone wonders what the real issue was in the very close race … Read more

Can a divided America survive?

The United States is currently the world's oldest democracy. But America is no more immune … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 17, 2017

Astronomy for everyone To the Editor: Regarding the woeful cancellation of astronomy programs at the … Read more

Just how rampant is corruption in state government?

The well-documented “fix-is-in” proceedings which forced consumers to pay more than 70 percent of the … Read more

You can't govern by ID

WASHINGTON — Having coined Bush Derangement Syndrome more than a decade ago, I feel authorized … Read more

Boy Scout Comey is no match for The Donald

WASHINGTON — As it turns out, Donald Trump is the hope-and-change president. According to James … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 16, 2017

Destructive Dogma To the Editor: History is dotted with examples where havoc has been created … Read more

Russia inquiry all a little bit of history repeating

WASHINGTON — If you watched the testimony of former FBI chief James Comey before the … Read more

Villaraigosa: ‘I want to restore state’s luster’

One in an occasional series of columns based on interviews with major candidates for governor … Read more

Drain the Swamp, not the Sierra

The president of the United States wants to “drain the swamp.” Of course he is … Read more

Virginia Shows the Future

Without Virginia, we probably never would have become the United States. It was Virginian leadership … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 13, 2017

Thanks Cal Fire To the Editor: Imagine our shock to be 11K+ miles from home … Read more

No surprises as first Trump budget hits California

The bleats have been long and loud in California since President Trump’s administration released its … Read more

Comey has high noon moment before Senate

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump was right about this much: As he told NBC's Lester … Read more

On ending, climbing, and writing

Bravos Ending — Schools throughout Calaveras and Tuolumne counties celebrated the completion of yet another … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 10, 2017

Mr. McClintock and global warming To the Editor: Congressman Tom McClintock claims, “Global warming has … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 9, 2017

Leaded gas? To the Editor: Now that we’re out of the Paris Accord, can we … Read more

Wishing for a Trump Twitterectomy

WASHINGTON — "If only he would stop tweeting." Those words came from a friend of … Read more

Letter to the Editor for June 8, 2017

Health care or tax care? To the Editor: Warren Buffett on health care: If the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for June 7, 2017

So many questions about our health care To the Editor: I have enjoyed reading the … Read more

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