Letters to the Editor for August 19, 2017

Juvenile hall To the Editor: Re: Juvenile Hall leaders describe program’s benefits It is with … Read more

Time to do the right thing

The Motherlode Martin Luther King Jr. Committee denounces the Aug. 12 hatred, violence and killing … Read more

State Senate should look hard at new utility regulator

Depending on how things go in a scheduled Aug. 23 state Senate confirmation hearing on … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 18, 2017

Robert E. Lee To the Editor: Having read two biographies of Robert E. Lee and … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 17, 2017

A job well done To the Editor Brava Lyn Riddle for her outstanding coverage of … Read more

Representative Wasserman Schultz: Why is this not a story?

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman known in political circles … Read more

Paying pittance for plenty

A common refrain about the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for shuttle service for … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 16, 2017

Common knowledge To the Editor: As a result of recent events I hear a lot … Read more

Pichai should resign as Google's CEO

There are many actors in the whole Google/diversity drama, but I’d say the one who’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 15, 2017

Try these alternatives first To the Editor Peter Graves, (hazard materials program leader with BLM), … Read more

Newsom: Spread the wealth of basic belief

Gavin Newsom has a reported net worth of more than $10 million, an ownership interest … Read more

Meals on Wheels needs your help

The Aug. 26 Meals and Wheels for Meals on Wheels annual event at Railtown 1897 … Read more

One shot bravos and barbs was fun. Let’s do another

Bravos to: The Twain Harte community members who built a new sign to mark one … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 12, 2017

The ultimate loss To the Editor: Greed never sleeps. Now that Trump administration and the … Read more

Cap and trade shows the California difference

No other state has a cap-and-trade system anything like California’s for limiting and, in the … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 11, 2017

Demand the truth To the Editor: A letter writer wrote: “It is becoming more and … Read more

Is the State of California cracking up?

Corporate profits at California-based transnational corporations such as Apple, Facebook and Google are hitting record … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 10, 2017

The difference between liberals and conservatives To the Editor: I applaud The Union Democrat for … Read more

Cosmopolitan with a twist

What better way to usher in the hissingly hot dog days of summer, otherwise known … Read more

Lack of trust in government can be traced to bungles in Vietnam

One day [Marine Theodore Wallace] saw an officer casually aim his rifle and try to … Read more

Once again, the guardrails hold

A future trivia question and historical footnote, the spectacular 10-day flameout of Anthony Scaramucci qualifies … Read more

The White House press briefing showdown

When White House senior policy advisor Stephen Miller called on CNN’s Jim Acosta at Wednesday’s … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 9, 2017

Fire watch organizations needed To the Editor: The vast majority if not all Tuolumne County … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 8, 2017

What’s real? To the Editor, Fake news, bad. Jail cells, real. Gary Linehan Sonora Fair … Read more

Brown’s email problem could sully his legacy

As Gov. Jerry Brown travels the nation and world posing grandly as the Anti-Trump and … Read more

Authentic Republican wisdom

American campaigns were not always, I can testify from personal witness, about the politics of … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 5, 2017

Public lands To the Editor: Apparently Rep. McClintock thinks that he knows better than their … Read more

Letters to the Editor for August 4, 2017

Ditch McConnell To the Editor: I, for one, am not celebrating that the Senate decided … Read more

Do not sell our history

It was with great concern that I read in the newspaper that Sonora High School … Read more

Trump budget looks increasingly vengeful

Is it political vengeance or merely a Republican president trying to make budget cuts on … Read more

Missing case for Republican health care

At 2 o’clock on a Friday morning in July — after having successfully run in … Read more

What being ‘cool’ means in America today

If you grew up in the 20th century, there’s a decent chance you wanted to … Read more

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