Letters to the Editor for July 21, 2017

The truth on the suits To the Editor: Tuolumne County Citizens for Responsible Growth (CFRG) … Read more

If Washington gives an OK, it’s hard to kill

Has America reached the point where, once Washington has expanded a program, not even the … Read more

Going it alone on early quake warnings

Donald Trump’s company owns a golf club and other properties in California, but a look … Read more

Vladimir Putin and his many playthings

About a year ago, Donald Trump Jr. met with a mysterious Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. … Read more

Repeal and regroup

It wasn’t quite a wicked-witch-is-dead Munchkin happy dance, but the white noise of foregone conclusions … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 20, 2017

Many thanks ‘Angel’ To the Editor: It was another hot day in Copperopolis as we … Read more

Flying the fairer skies?

Consumers have benefited for decades from the presence of Open Skies agreements that lessen government … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 19, 2017

The Bible’s enduring wisdom To the Editor: The writer in this morning’s UD indicates he … Read more

President Trump’s unique gift to America

Even the least popular presidents sometimes do great things. What might Donald Trump’s great thing … Read more

Letters to the editor for July 18, 2017

Innovation Lab To the Editor: Five-years ago the Tuolumne County Economic Development Authority (TCEDA) created … Read more

Is responsible development too much to ask?

There seems to be a maniacal attempt to discredit Tuolumne County Citizens for Responsible Growth, … Read more

Newsom loses sure thing standing

For a long time, it seemed Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unspoken (at least publicly) agreement … Read more

On this week’s good and bad

This week, a number of issues arose that fit in both the bravo and barb … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 15, 2017

Facts matter To the Editor: The June 8 letter “Good work Barbara” made so many … Read more

Unanswered questions of 2017

In the nervous Washington summer of 2017, with Republicans reeling from embarrassing disclosure after embarrassing … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 14, 2017

Exhaust-ed To the Editor: Ladies and gentlemen and all you other folks out there that … Read more

Trump likens terrorism fight to Poland’s Resistance to Nazis

An enthusiastic Polish crowd chanted President Donald Trump’s name and “USA, USA, USA” as the … Read more

Bungled collusion is still collusion

The Russia scandal has entered a new phase and there’s no going back. For six … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 13, 2017

It’s not a hoax To the Editor: Recently the UD posted a letter about the … Read more

State voting boss right to resist federal demands

Hand over all the information you have on every voter in your state, went the … Read more

We were told there would be dirt

WASHINGTON — That quaking beneath your feet is from shock waves in Washington where tipping … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 12, 2017

President Trump and the Bible To the Editor: I am not a particularly religious person. … Read more

North Korea: The rubicon has been crossed

Across 25 years and five administrations, we have kicked the North Korean can down the … Read more

California and the President

Donald Trump has new words for an old song: “California, here I don’t come.” The … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 11, 2017

Stone Mill Center To The Editor: It’s pretty obvious, from correspondence I’ve been reading lately … Read more

Punch-drunk Trump

As the nation was preparing to celebrate its storied independence from the British crown, the … Read more

Trump puts Poland, welcoming crowds before G-20

President Donald Trump may well have felt as if Air Force One had touched down … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 8, 2017

Whining response To the Editor: In response to the writer of the Letter to the … Read more

On doing the right thing

Bravo New jail — While an argument can be made that the construction of a … Read more

Letters to the Editor for July 7, 2017

Zero sum game To the Editor: The Tuolumne County Business Council would like to respond … Read more

School’s chief election may be toughest race for 2018

Anyone guessing which of 2018’s campaigns for statewide office will be the hardest-fought would be … Read more

Fracking industry deserves our gratitude

Less than 10 years ago, America’s energy future looked bleak. World oil prices in 2008 … Read more

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