Health Notes for January 25, 2018

Car-seat safety training offered in Sonora Adventist Health Sonora and the California Highway Patrol will … Read more

Shetzline joins Angels Camp Family Medical

Sandra Shetzline, DO, recently joined Adventist Health Sonora’s Angels Camp Family Medical Office. Shetzline is … Read more

Clear obstacles, stay fit and practice falling to prevent injuries

It’s that time of year again when safety-conscious organizations issue cautionary tales about preventing falls … Read more

Move your mouth to move words into long-term memory

In Mel Brook’s 1976 movie “Young Frankenstein,” Fredrick Frankenstein (Gene Wilder), grandson of the original … Read more

Health Notes for January 18, 2018

Better Breathers Support Group offered Adventist Health Sonora offers a support group for people with … Read more

Male nurses explain why nursing is a job of the future for men

By Claire Cain Miller New York Times News Service J ake Creviston, a nurse practitioner, … Read more

Health Notes for January 11, 2018

Ombudsman Program training begins Jan. 23 The Mother Lode Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is looking … Read more

Healthy gut biome may help with blood pressure

In the year 475 AD, in an actual Game of Thrones, Basiliscus seized power of … Read more

One new drug promises to stop cancer from spreading to other organs. Another would treat … Read more

Improving self-image helps relationships

Did you ever stop to think about the most powerful force influencing your relationships? If … Read more

Scarfing meals is bad for your health

In one of Homer Simpson’s most memorable eating scenes, he’s stuffing doughnuts in his mouth, … Read more

Health Notes for January 4, 2018

Obmudsman Program training begins Jan. 23 The Mother Lode Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program is looking … Read more

New study shows cataract surgery may actually prolong life

After 72 very nearsighted years, 55 of them spent wearing Coke-bottle glasses, Jane Quinn of … Read more

Choose white over red when it comes to meat

In the 1950s and 1960s, the American Cold War slogan (back when Vladimir Putin was … Read more

Health Notes for December 21, 2017

Adventist Health Sonora offers diabetes prevention class Adventist Health Sonora will offer “PreventT2,” a program … Read more

Medical profession changing the way it thinks about puzzling syndrome

Having recently endured more than a month of post-concussion fatigue, I can’t imagine how people … Read more

Center of Excellence

Dr. Eric R Freedman of Advanced Urology (holding plaque) is pictured with Andrew Jahn, president … Read more

Eating nuts can make you a real brainiac

The 2004 movie “Brainiac” is about the discovery of the ultimate feel-good drug, dubbed “Nirvana.” … Read more

Health and Medicine Notes for December 14, 2017

Attorneys join partner with free legal advocacy program for older adults The Legal Advocacy for … Read more

Tree of Lights ceremony honors loved ones, benefits hospice

Adventist Health Sonora will host Tree of Lights, a benefit for Hospice, at 5 p.m. … Read more

Adventist Health Sonora X-ray service temporarily limited

Adventist Health Sonora is in the process of equipping its new diagnostic imaging site in … Read more

Watering down the obesity epidemic

The 2009 documentary “Tapped” looks at megacompanies that repackage municipal water and sell it to … Read more

Health and Medicine Notes for December 7, 2017

ICES offers parenting workshops Infant-Child Enrichment Services will co-sponsor two parenting workshops in the coming … Read more

To slim as you age, add weights

Trying to stay trim as you age? Surprisingly, if you’re cutting calories to lose weight, … Read more

Insurers, hospitals, drugstores team up

They seem like odd couples: Aetna, one of the nation’s largest health insurers, is in … Read more

Health and Medicine Notes for November 30, 2017

Support offered for the visually impaired A support group for people who are visually impaired … Read more

Use grain to eat less, reduce body-wide inflammation

As the playwright Tom Stoppard (“The Real Thing,” “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead” and “The … Read more

Health Notes for November 23, 2017

Hospice to light annual Tree of Lights The Hospice of Amador and Calaveras will host … Read more

Learn to avoid drug-caused cavities or gum disease

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs can have a negative impact on your oral health. However, … Read more

Ladies Night a win for breast cancer awareness

Adventist Health Sonora sponsored its fifth annual Ladies Night Out in early October to raise … Read more

Adventist Health opens Diabetes Resource Center

Adventist Health Sonora now offers a Diabetes Resource Center, which is available to patients with … Read more

Health and Medicine Notes for November 2, 2017

Cancer Support Group meets today The Calaveras Cancer Support Group will meet at 10 a.m. … Read more

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